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May 6, 2011
Jul 14, 2010
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July 13
Mansfield in Notts

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PetForums VIP, from Mansfield in Notts

Amy&Ted was last seen:
May 6, 2011
    1. GoldenShadow
      Not seen you for ages and don't think you're on my FB either, hope you're OK :( x x
    2. Waterlily
    3. Waterlily
      aw well it had to happen eventually lol all this man hating and fate had to mock me with it by sending me a decent one lmao :D
    4. Waterlily
      hellooooooooooooooooooooooo xxx
    5. danielled
      Thank you so have I been voteing everyday.
    6. danielled
      Have you voted for Haricat.
    7. leashedForLife
      didja forget the caption-contest, hun? :lol: U said U'd judge it on the 10th. :001_tt2:
    8. francesandjon
      Oh my god.....I think my legs are gonna fall off! Did the 20 min EASY (!!!!) workout yesterday......then a night shift - probably not the best idea!
    9. lozb
      Amy. would you please ring my mobile? I've lost it.. it's on silent but I might hear the buzz.......
      Never mind! Found it! :D
    10. danielled
      Was told to try turning it off and back on and it's worked yaay.
    11. danielled
      For some strange reason the light on my phone won't go off.
    12. leashedForLife
      ya WON! :D yay! Congratulations, have a lovely trip...
      Pet Forums Community - View Single Post - Caption-Contest #74: gonna break the pattern - do U want to make a speech?... after-party is formal dress, tomorrow in Paris.
      - terry
    13. Mum2Alfie
    14. leashedForLife
      happily accepted, :) and thank You kindly.
      - terry
    15. alaun
      I'm pretty good too, just a little tired - I'm find it dificult to sleep at night and then end up napping during the day - viscious circle really lol. Once I'm back at work that soon sort itself out...I'll be so knackered I'll sleep anywhere any time, lol.
    16. alaun
      Thanks hun for your nice comment about my post. I didn't want to reply on there and hijack the thread, but it was aprreciated. Xx How are you today?
    17. Horse and Hound
      Horse and Hound
      Glad I make you giggle...but you still can't have ROO!
    18. Mama Sass
      Mama Sass
      Monkey is the right word!! He's mad but so adorable you forgive his naughty moments! ;) The breeder told us his dad was the class clown and it looks as if Basils is following in his footsteps! Ted looks completely gorgeous, how old is he? Basil is nine months and has yet to get his proper 'border' coat if you see what I mean...not sure if he ever will, his dad was quite smooth haired so I guess only time will tell.

      Will have to get some more pics on here soon, he's so difficult to photograph cos he's never still!

    19. Mama Sass
      Mama Sass
      Thanks for your comment about Basil - anyone who admires my pup is a friend for life :D:D::D
      I know what you mean about border terriers - totally addictive, god we love Basil so much it's bonkers! :)
    20. dobermummy
      hows noah today?

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    July 13
    Mansfield in Notts


    “It is not what you say that matters but the manner in which you say it; there lies the secret of the ages.”
    William Carlos Williams (American Poet, 1883-1963)
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