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Oct 27, 2020 at 8:49 AM
Mar 26, 2011
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PetForums VIP, from Birmingham.

ameliajane was last seen:
Oct 27, 2020 at 8:49 AM
    1. wind1
      Hi, sorry to pm you but I really need some advice on my fish. You and Naomi have kindly answered my questions on my thread over the last few weeks but today I have an emergency. I have 2 WCMM's who are not looking good. Both have drooping tails and one now looks like his tail is ragged. I'm worried it might be fin rot but don't know what the best thing to treat it with is.Thanks in advance for any advice
    2. leashedForLife
      YAY!... :thumbup: glad to hear that, it's excellent news.
    3. leashedForLife
      glad to hear she's taking small steps; don't give up, reward looking at U, taking a step, lifting her ears, eye-to-eye contact... raising her tail, standing her ground -
      anything which is NOT flee, hide, cringe, avoid is rewardable.
      doling out her kibble one piece at a time [measure her meal into a bag & use that quota] is simple & works very well - SEND HER AWAY to get each kibble, roll or toss it beyond her so she gets both the kibble AND added distance.
      she will then be 'reset' to approach again.
      this can go on indefinitely. :001_smile: easy-peasy.
    4. leashedForLife
      thank U very kindly for the rep. :001_smile:

      i'm glad to hear the calmatives seem to help - :yesnod: fear issues can be SO difficult, hang in there & keep plugging.
      super-sensitive, twitchy dogs can be so affectionate, but they have incredible memories for scary events. :( bummer.
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    I'm 49 (how did that happen..!?) and have the honor of living with six cats: Holly, a sad Gum-tree kitten who stole my heart, my gentle, pretty Ivy, Paddy - Ivy's handsome son and everyone's best mate, bossy old Geraldine and Willow and Hazel - two beautiful tortoiseshell semi ferals.

    I love animals (obviously), horse riding (badly), cycling (brakes..! who needs brakes..?! brakes are for wimps..!), walking, wildlife and my forever work-in-progress wildlife garden.

    Sweet dreams to all my best friends: Tina, Mindy, Kerry, Oliver, Flossie, Declan and my beautiful, beautiful Missie-moo. Thank you all for your love and for all the lessons you taught me. xxx


    Flossie and Declan xx
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