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Oct 23, 2016
Jun 6, 2010
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Oct 23, 2016
    1. Malmum
      Thanks for that, love the Mal - brilliant! Pretty amazing stuff cos I'm useless on computers! :-)
    2. Symone
      yeah that sounds good to me :)
    3. Symone
      all days but wednessdays.. being jobless helps now, lol!
    4. Symone
      It's fine! These things happen :o
      And yeah I should be ^^
    5. Symone
      So, in my blank mind I thought the 31st was this sunday... I was very confused as to why I couldn't find tide times, lol!
      Probably better that it's next week tbh ^^;
      Is your OH going to be there?
    6. DollyGirl08
      ah thank you for the rep. Hope it all works out x
    7. Symone
      You would think I would know tide times with living right by the sea :o
      Seems different each day, though!
    8. Symone
      31st would be better for me.
      OH just told me his parents are coming over next weekend and I dunno if it's the saturday or sunday they would be here.
      We going to do Westgate on sea's beach? Or want me to look for other walks? :)
    9. Symone
      She's not perfect! She bruised my leg like mad the other day by jumping up to give me her ball!
      She does jump up a lot.. and has sharp claws. Nothing I do gets them smooth, lol.
      And I'm sure yours are better behaved than her ;)
    10. Symone
      Well, it's how I got the OH out today! Promised to bake a meat and potato pie for him :P

      And Shamaya went barging in to a group of 6 dogs the other day, so I think she will be fine!

      Shamaya tends to get on well with other dogs, however she will be weary of males that still have their "Manlyness" for 5 odd minutes, then she will start saying hello and be fine after 10. (She seems scared of male staffys, still. :( )

      She will ignore dogs for her ball, though.. I think she is a little bit obsessed :o

      I bet that she would have a blast with your dogs, though :D

      Also.. she does try to herd at times.. She may try to keep us together :o However her trying to herd doesn't happen often, any more.
    11. Symone
      Ramsgate beach is okayish.. Only problem is people are reluctant to pick up poo, there.. I'm thankful that Shamaya hasn't gone for it! Would be a poo rollers dream. :o
      We could do westgate on sea. I've been their before and it was really nice :)
      Pix is cuter! You might need to make sure I don't "swap leads" ;) lol
      Amber is also a cutie.. As is your other but I can't remember his name. :( (Sorry!)
      And Sundays are good for me. :)
      And tell Grumpy Husband that I'll bring some chocolates for him! (However you would have to steal them for yourself ;) Lol ) I would love to meet all of yours <3
    12. Symone
      Could do. :D
      Would be nice to see you and your dogs! :)
      If it's better for you I could go there since I have just the one. (I'm assuming you don't drive since you took the bus to WOS) however I don't really know canterbury well, and I also have no idea of walking spots there. :o I tend to take Shamaya to Ramsgate beach mostly. She loves it! Probably because she can go off lead, there. :)
      Or, we could meet inbetween Rams & Canters :)
      What days are good for you?
      I would have to say currently weekends look better for me. Then I can drag the OH along, as well. (Shamaya's getting too big for me to carry when she's tired. :o )
    13. Dogless
      Thanks for the rep. Can I also randomly say that your artwork is getting better and better? Really evolving.....you'll have Rudi to paint if you'd oblige for my 2013 chrimbo present as he'll be the same age as Kilo was when you painted him x.
    14. Lunabuma
      Lovely picture of Luna. When I see nice artwork like that, I really wish I had a talent for drawing. :) :)
    15. ellsbells0123
      Hi, saw your post in cat chat about models and was wondering if you had a website and do you sell the pics the draw?

    16. metaldog
      I'm going to email them and find out how long it takes to get to the UK from America xx
    17. metaldog
      OMG I'm such a numptie, don't know my ass from my elbow at the moment...Doh! I take it it's still not arrived yet?
    18. metaldog
      I'm confused, it doesn't take much lol, what post are you referring to? I can't post over Shannow she doesn't like the post man :p
    19. Animal Pastel
      Animal Pastel
      Thanks for the feedack on my post re web site.
    20. SixStar
      Thank you xx - as for Jake, well, what can I say? I've very nearly got my old boy back, more and more of the dog I know filters back in everyday. I can't tell you how proud I am of him :) x
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    Hello, I have five great four-legged companions (as well as my lovely husband!), Tig the cat, Dallie the cat, Nero the Greyhound, Amber the lurcher and Pixie the JRT.
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