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Jan 21, 2020
Oct 22, 2010
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Oct 6, 1978 (Age: 41)
School cleaner, and mum!

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PetForums Senior, 41, from Suffolk

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Jan 21, 2020
    1. sheronnils
      [email protected]
      This precious Siberian Husky puppy comes with a 2 year hip guarantee and a 1 year genetic health guarantee. He is AKC registered, vet checked, vaccinated and wormed. This puppy loves to play and will make a great family pet. Please contact us for more information.
    2. *Amber*
      Oh god, I've only just seen these messages! I'm terrible lol! Thank you for the birthday wish colliemerles! Hi Nicola, we are doing ok thank you. Marlow is still not looking 100% but don't think he ever will, he's been poorly since th eday I brought him home from the breeders! xxx
    3. nicolaa123
      Hey how are you and Marlow??
    4. colliemerles
      HaPpY BirtHdAy
    5. nicolaa123
      Hi, sorry missed your reply..pleased he is doing well, miss your posts about him. Riley is ok he is back on tablets vet thinks he has a polyp on his bum which is causing the problems. Pills seem to be working but still early days and I an still on bum watch!!

      Hope Marlow continues to do well.
    6. nicolaa123
      How is Marlow???
    7. coral.
      hey i noticed you commented on my thread about the booda cleanstep litter tray
      just wanted to ask you, do all your cats use it well?
      are you pleased with it ? and also how long does the filter last for?
      Thanks :D x
    8. canuckjill
      thanks Amber spammer gone now...
    9. jacks1972
      derby anyone
    10. colliemerles
      HaPpY BirThDaY
    11. Malmum
      Thanks for the rep - keep me posted please. xx
    12. Taylorbaby
      hows your baby doing? any news? :)
    13. bell_bun
      hii :D :) I live on a farm! x xx x x How are you? cx xx x x
    14. *Amber*
      Oh no! I couldn't believe it either! He had the runs from the day after I picked him up from the breeder, so it had to come from there, but the breeder reckons none of her other cats or kittens are showing signs of it! Mmmmmmm!!! Glad your lil man is feeling better! Marlow seems good now too! The vet rang today to see how he is, and she said I could stop the antibiotics, but I panicked about the Giardia not being killed, so she said to give them to him until next Friday, so we know it's def gone!!! I'm worming Marlow tonight with Panacur, and then for the next couple of days after. Giardia is scary! Especially when I have 3 daughters!
    15. Ren
      Yup, Kazuki had Giardia too and still some worms, they gave me Panacur to give him 1ml a day for three days and then the same again in two weeks, tomorrow is the last day and then hopefully all clear! He's mostly solid now, haven't had a bad one in a while. The worming stuff can upset them too so I'll have to wait til he gets that out of his system as well. Glad to hear that Marlow is on the mend. I couldn't believe it when the vet said Kazuki had giardia, poor boy :(
    16. *Amber*
      Hi, I'm sorry, I've only just seen your message! Marlow has Giardia, and is on flagyl syrup twice a day. His runs have stopped, although he's a bit loose sometimes, and smelly! The vet is ringing me again tomorrow to see how he's doing! Have you heard anything? xx
    17. Ren
      Hi, how is Marlow today? I went to the vets about Kazuki's sample, still nothing back yet, they said to phone every day and check: annoying. I just want to know what's wrong! At least he's not acting ill, he's still as full of beans as ever, but I want to know he's ok. :( xx
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    Oct 6, 1978 (Age: 41)
    School cleaner, and mum!
    My name is Amber, and I live with my partner Martin, our 3 daughters, and our wonderful pets!

    My family and pets!



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