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Nov 12, 2011
Oct 29, 2009
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alysonandhedley was last seen:
Nov 12, 2011
    1. katiefranke
      hey alyson - where have you got to? havent seen you about in a while? hope you and hedley are doing ok?
    2. leashedForLife
      glad U enjoyed the video, hun -
      and thank You for the reppies, trainers work for clicks, too ;)
      pleasant dreams,
      --- terry
    3. k8t
      Thanks for the rep. Love the new photo!

    4. GillyR
      thanks for the rep xxx
    5. alysonandhedley
      Hi Denise 42. There are quite a few problems there, and I must confess Im not a training expert by any means. What I would do is go back to training him like you would train a puppy. Have a look at this training site for tips, its the APDT dog training site and if you scroll down you will see tips on various aspects of training. A good book on the subject might help too, I recommend The Perfect Puppy by Gwen Bailey.

      Puppy Training Tips - Association of Pet Dog Trainers UK

      You could post on one of the forums and you will get plenty of suggestions!
    6. denise 42
      denise 42
      hi just wanted to no if u could me pls i have a 20 month old yorshire terrier well was sold to me as one but i thinks his crossed having few probs with him his weeing in house pulls on lead does not do as i say like sit come he barks and gets aggresive at other dogs you and try and take somethink off him u dont want him to have he gets aggressive pls can u help me
    7. GillyR
      thanks xxx they are lovely xxxx
    8. jan59
      hey,i have just seen your puppy picture and he is sooooooo like my puppy pixie ,she is 14 weeks old . and most of the time angelic.at the moment it is her 'witching hour and she is biting,and now trying to run off with the computer cable!!would like to show you a photo but dont know how!! will have to get my daughter to help me.
    9. Terrier Fan
      Terrier Fan
      I took Louie to the groomers for the first time when he was 6mths, I wanted to get him used to going so started young.
      My usual groomer is on maternity leave until april, so at the moment he looks like a right scruff bag.

      I do some of the grooming myself, I clip the Jack Russells shorter in the summer and keep the fur tidy around their face and feet.

      When TJ came he hadn't been groomed so had huge mats, most of which i had to cut out, His fur is in good condition now, I just need to decide if i want him clipped for the summer.

      As for barking at the postman, it's a terrier thing all of mine do it as well.

      I hope you managed to get out today, the snow here is melting because of the rain.
    10. lauz_1982
      Hey I don't mind at all. Well when we got him he was only 4 months old (we were his second home as the first woman changed her mind - her loss our gain!). He was actually stuck with the name Yorkie (not our choice we tried to change it but he wouldn't have it!) and he was the great grandson of a crufts champ. He was never cut out to show and was at his happiest lying in our arms like a baby.

      He was a very entertaining dog (I could go on forever!) and loved to please but he could be a wee devil when he wanted! lol! He was always there though for a cuddle!

      When we got him my Mum tried him on a few foods and I remember him having a really sensitive tummy and he ended up on pedigree chum (not as much research available 18 or so years ago - what was internet?! lol!) and was always kept on that as it worked for him. I know it's not the best but that was it. He got the small bite mixer in with it too and loved chewing peeled carrots and one of the thin hard chew sticks after his morning walk. He used to 'smile' for one and show his teeth on demand - so cute and not at all nasty. My Dad used to joke he'd start waving one day! lol!

      He was never ill except he was knocked down at the end of our drive (he was like houdidi and always on the run even with 1/2 acre to himself!) and had a fractured pelvis in 3 places (for a wee dog that was bad) but he was only 6 and pulled through - the vet at the time warned us it may shorten his life - as if! He eventually went nearly blind and deaf then his back legs just went one day and that was him - happily plodding along right up to the last day. Such a shock but we knew he was old.

      He was walked for 30 minutes in the morning and again at lunchtime (my Mum worked in an office in the village we lived and took him out then) and a big walk at night with our collie. We have a lot of hills round Mum and Dad's and Mum used to take him a route that was mostly uphill for about an hour each night and he used to trot along with her. The vet couldn't believe he wasn't knackered - the collie was more tired than him - he would walk forever and he looked so good and young that people still thought he was a youngster. He went for one of these the day before we lost him so that shows how quick it was and he was fine - just normal.

      Sorry to babble - you know what it's like - it's good to remember! If I haven't bored you too much I'll try and find a picture - think there's even one of him smiling somewhere!

      Sorry about the loss of your JRT - gone but never forgotten.

      Laura x
    11. lauz_1982
      I love the new picture of Hedley! He's cute as a button!

      We had a Yorkie for 17 and a half years. He died last year and I still well up about it! lol! He was a wonderful dog and we grew up with him. Hope Hedley brings you as much joy.

      Laura x
    12. alysonandhedley
      Just the same really. Doing well with down, improving with "off". I have found a reasonably local puppy training class (few miles away) that does puppy training and clicker training, and has a new course next week. I might give it a go.
    13. alaun
      Thanks for friend request.:) How's the training going? Taz is either a really slow learner or is stubborn like her mum - I haven't decided which yet:)
    14. alaun
      Well done with the clicker - that's a really good start. With such a good response to the clicker, you may never need to use the discs. Well done, you
    15. babycham2002
      Thanks for the food advice, I can just imagine all those half eaten sacks around your house and you sitting, head in hands!! I will defo only get a lil one to start with
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