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Feb 27, 2011
Jan 29, 2009
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May 16, 1973 (Age: 47)
Dog Walker and stuff

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PetForums VIP, 47, from Lancashire

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Feb 27, 2011
    1. stigDarley
      I have been talked into a dog show on the 4th sept this year..... hopefully no back lash!! xxxxxxx
    2. Petitepuppet
      Dora never used to leave my side when I first started to let her off lead, she was very clingy.
      Thats a good idea with the jingle bells. I would never have thought of doing that. I may get some for Dora's collar.
      Aww poor boy:(. I dont think we have had any problems like that with Dora. She has never had her eyesight tested but I dont think its great.
      Did you get Owen from a rescue? How old is he?
      Dora and her sister were brought into rescue when they were 2 months old because the breeder couldnt find homes for them due to them being deaf. Doras sister found a home when she was 3 months old, leaving Dora in the kennels by herself. She started to lose weight and really wasnt copeing well on her own. When she turned 4 months old, I was asked if I could foster her and get some weight on her. So she came here and after a month of stayin with us we decided to keep her. She was soooo scared to begin with and it took awhile for us to gain her trust. There was no way she was leaving us.
    3. Petitepuppet
      Thats great to know that you have adopted a deaf dog. Good for you:). Yes Dora has been deaf since birth, how about your boy? Dont worry about how easy its going lol, they are actually really easy to train. I couldnt believe it myself either.

      No we have never had any problems with Dora being off lead. I only let her off in places I feel she will be safe which is pretty much the same places I trust to let my hearing dog off. We never trained her to look at us but I think because she is trained with hand signals that she dose turn around and look at me a lot when we are out so getting her to come back is not a problem.

      Well is always nice to meet other deaf dog owners:). Good luck with your lad.
    4. sequeena
      Thanks for the rep! I don't understand people who will willingly walk their in season bitches in built up areas. It's crazy.
    5. colliemerles
      happy birthday,xx
    6. ninja

      hope you have a good day xx
    7. leashedForLife
      aw, thats so hard, hun - :nonod: i am very sorry to hear it.
      are U using any calmatives? DAP, Rescue-Remedy, etc? i sure hope the b'vst on Tues can help, and that many small but rapid improvements begin.
      putting both of U on my prayer-list (under URGENT),
      --- terry
    8. canuckjill
      Thank you for the rep....Jill
    9. leashedForLife
      this one is really good - USDA organic, local co-op in Bulgaria
      Bulgarian Lavender Oil | Lavender Water | Alteya Inc.
    10. leashedForLife
      direction is often Excellent! for anxious dogs -
      how about DAP pump-spray? Rescue-Remedy liquid? spray-botanical-lavender ?
    11. leashedForLife
      baby-steps are terrific - so long as they are trending in the right direction! :laugh:
      not every step has to go precisely toward the goal - just the overall heading is great.
      can he have a baby-gated area away from everybody, with an open crate?
      a detox space all his own can really help.

      does he seem to respond to calmatives?
      all digits crossed,
      - t
    12. leashedForLife
      YAY! progress... :thumbup: always a good thing. :biggrin: i hope he comes along for a few days without any more drama or setbacks - U both need a BREAK. ;)
      all my best wishes,
      --- t
    13. leashedForLife
      are there slots for windows, hun?
      they would probably be easier to aim for, than little-bitty squares in a metal-mesh door?

      i would not stop feeding him - in fact, i;d break his meals into 3rds or 4ths.
      the less INTENSE his appetite, the more relaxed he can be about eating; besides which he then gets many opps to learn calm = food.
      so if i were working on this RG of food, he would have 6 or 8 mini-meals, vs 2 regular.
      hope that makes sense - i have 500 things to do, and have not had lunch - its 4:30 pm, yikes!
      i need food...
      - t
    14. leashedForLife
      i got the mssg about a muzzle, hun -
      thats fine, it is not preferable but U cannot keep being bitten! so whatever works, at the moment. // a power-pole is a replacement for a leash - thats all it does. it just puts something unbending between the dog + U, to avoid bites.
      i hope he is less savagely-paranoid, by now?
      thinking of U both,
      - t
    15. leashedForLife
      got anything U can convert to a power-pole?
      a wooden mop-handle, rake-handle, something?
      screw 3 or 4 small eye-bolts into it, top, bottom + middle; run thin tough cord thru, make a free-hanging sliding loop at the bottom. slip the loop over his head - he now cannot get any closer than 5-ft.
      the rigid pole prevents him getting close-enuf to bite.

      poor U! :nonod: :(
    16. leashedForLife
      do U have Rescue-Remedy liquid, hun?
      5 to 6 drops by mouth, on a snack (tiny but good / absorbent - cat-kibble? dried liver?)

      or DAP pump spray?
    17. leashedForLife
      >> all going nicely... feeding through bars then towards end he attacked again...
      he's having a fit in his crate , screaming chewing at bars, digging. I'm scared to let him out, NOT good! I've done some 'walk-by', C+T... I'll give him 5 and let him out when he's chilled a bit <<
      did U accidentally make eye-contact, hun?
      did U ** hold yer breath ** ? that would get him freaked... :(
    18. leashedForLife
      oh, dear!...
      if he gets panicky when stuck-short on a lead, then the crate will have to do for meals, till he gets more comfy.
      is the long-line a Flexi or inch-wide ribbon lead? (i;d go with a real long-line if U have one - Flexis create tension, all on their own.)
      fingers crossed, no more BITES,
      - t
    19. leashedForLife
      i;d tether for meals, hun -
      18-inches max Tethered to Success
      AFTER hes tethered safely, get his portioned meal/SS-bowl, a crockery bowl + spoon.

      sit in a chair; use Ur FOOT or a mop-head: hold handle, gentle contact w/empty crock + mop-head, put within his reach.
      SIT, plop spoonful on plate, he eats; SIT, plop, eat; SIT...
      if its within eyeshot of the TV, U can watch it while he eats; hes less defensive if U don;t look at him, and cannot assault U while tethered = IF = U sit far-enuf away.
      the crockery-bowl is for WT - if hes anxious + shoves it about, U don;t want it out of spoon / arm reach. (use the mop-head to retrieve it while he eats one or 2 mouthfuls off the floor).
      or use a Shipping-Crate: he goes in, drop the food thru the slot-windows with a long-handled spoon -
      SIT or DOWN, plop, eat, Sit/Down, plop, eat, etc.

      repetitive, predictable + trustworthy for him; safe for U. ;)

      hang in there, hun...
      -- terry
    20. goodvic2
      Thanks for the rep x
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    May 16, 1973 (Age: 47)
    Dog Walker and stuff


    Some days you're the dog: some days you're the lampost

    When I feel blue, I start breathing again
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