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Dec 1, 2017
Jul 7, 2010
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PetForums VIP, from South West Scotland

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Dec 1, 2017
    1. carebear
      good night out, but i was home by midnight and compleatly soaber. its been a while since i have been out so i am just breaking myself in gently, going to have another go this weekend, hopefully i will make it to 1.00am lol
    2. hannahg
      Love the new pics hun, you're soooo lucky!! Has he sttled in well? Bet you can't imagine what you did without him now!? x
    3. PoisonGirl
      I love the new piccies :D xx
    4. katiefranke
      Hi Allana, sorry I never got around to writing a puppy feeding post in the end! I started putting the info together, but didnt finish it :( However, it really is very similar to feeding an adult dog. The main difference is I find they will self-regulate much better, they need to be fed more times a day (which doesnt mean smaller pieces necessarily, but perhaps something big and then put it away until the next meal) and also I have been advised that they could benefit from slightly higher amounts of bone to help with the calcium : phosphorous ratio. If there is anything specific you want to know though I am more than happy to answer any questions - drop me a PM and I will give you my email address :)
    5. archielee
      Hows little man doing today?
    6. ndowell
      Hello sweetie. I hope you and Badger are doing okay. How is the little angel? Has he been coping okay with his leg? I hope you're okay too, don't be hard on yourself. Has he settled in okay apart from this though? xx
    7. Lady3131
      Poor little thing! I hope he perks up soon! It must have been awful for you too. I get upset when my little one doesn't appear to 'enjoy' her walks! lol

      The other day she found herself in the middle of a large group of dogs following a lady on a mobility scooter. She suddenly panicked at being surrounded by the bigger dogs who were bullying her a bit, and rather than do anything about it she just sat down on the scooter and howled her head off until I waded in to get her.

      It was all rather pathetic but I feel awful!

      Love to your baby!
    8. ziva
      Has he not managed to take the splint off yet, i know how sharpe puppy teeth can be!!! really am sorry this happened to him as he seems to be a right little character. i hope he just brushes it off and carries on the same as he was before. You must not feel bad tho.
    9. PoisonGirl
      Cool and you will get to meet Dave brother too :D I think I'm meeting a friend for lunch but free after that :) xx
    10. PoisonGirl
      ohh I know, Joanne has some fantastic stuff and fantastic advice too!
      of course.. i wouldn't charge you, if you wanted a piccy of badger! ohh maybe it would cost you a couple of runs in my- i mean your- car! :p xxx
    11. new westie owner
      new westie owner
      Thats great to hear hes little beauty :)
    12. lianne86
      awwwww whats wrong??? xxxx hope hes ok xx
    13. Lady3131

      Been following your posts on Badger. How is he doing after his night at the vet?

      Sending lots of love!
    14. carebear
      hi sweety how is that baby of yours hopping about today
    15. Wyrd
      Hi, Thank you :D Hopefully I have edited it now and it works!
    16. Rosiebear
      Hi hope badger is ok, I am guessing he has hurt his leg, big hugs and licks from Tula xx
    17. pika
      Aw thats fab hun! Hope he heal's fast, Skye sends lots of puppy kisses to him. x
    18. pika
      Aww poor thing, any news from the vets?
    19. lianne86
      new pics of kya and loki on my profile:) xxxx
    20. hannahg
      OH my god! He's such a cutieeee!! Lucky girl! Has he settled in well??x
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    Hi there i'm Allana, im 26 and live with my wonderful boyfriend Shaun who is 29. I have a HND in animal welfare & management and love all animals, i used to manage a kennels but spend my days as an accounts assistant for the time being! We love the outdoor life, my partner is really into downhill mountain biking so we spend a lot of time in the forests near our home, some days it kills me walking up those hills, i tell myself its worth it in the long run! LoL.



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