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All The Babies
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Jan 16, 2015
May 14, 2013
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All The Babies

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Jan 16, 2015
    1. Rebekah Fox
      Rebekah Fox
      c) Why do you think these changes have occurred?
      d) What do you feel have been the benefits of this for humans / companion animals?
      e) Do you feel there have been any problems created by these changes? (eg pet obesity)
      f) Do you feel the situation is in any way different in Britain than elsewhere?

      3) Your own practices

      a) Have your own pet-keeping practices changed over this time period in terms of:
      i) Feeding
      ii) Medical treatment
      iii) Grooming / Hygiene
      iv) Pet insurance
      v) Training
      vi) Purchasing of specialised products for animals
      vii) Relationships with pets / seeing them as part of the family

      b) What prompted you to make these changes?
      i) Advice from veterinary / other animal professionals
      ii) Improved welfare of animals
      iii) Advertising / media
      iv) Social pressures / acceptability
      v) Way of demonstrating your affection
      vi) Other

      c) Are there any other issues that I have failed to mention?
    2. Rebekah Fox
      Rebekah Fox
      1) About the interviewee

      a) How many pets do you have?
      b) What type of pets?
      c) How long have you been keeping pets?
      d) What type of pets have you had in the past?
      e) Do you have any experience of working professionally with animals?

      2) Changing nature of pet-keeping

      a) How do you feel that pet keeping has changed in Britain over the past 20-30 years?
      b) Have you noticed a change in terms of:
      i) Peoples relationships with companion animals
      ii) Pets being seen as ‘part of the family’
      iii) Treatment / mistreatment of animals
      iv) Types of companion animals
      v) Animal food / nutrition
      vi) Medical treatment of animals
      vii) Grooming / flea treatments / dental hygiene etc
      viii) Animal training
      ix) Availability of commercial products for animals eg clothing, insurance
      x) Advertising / media attention for animals
    3. Rebekah Fox
      Rebekah Fox
      Hi there

      Thanks very much for getting back to me and offering to help. I have pasted my questions in a separate message below (wouldnt fit in this one!). Please don't feel you need to answer them all - they are just a list of ideas for you to think about.

      You can send me your answers here or via email to rebekah.m.fox@gmail.com

      Thanks again Becky.

      Ps if I can help your son in any way with his research just let me know!
    4. springerpete
      Hi, saw you'd paid me a visit, just thought I'd say hello and welcome. Pete.
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