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Sep 22, 2020
Oct 8, 2008
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May 20
Paisley, Scotland.
Chihuahua Breeder, Pest Management.

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PetForums VIP, Female, from Paisley, Scotland.

Awaiting the birth of 2 puppy litters... Sep 19, 2020

alisondalziel was last seen:
Sep 22, 2020
    1. alisondalziel
      Awaiting the birth of 2 puppy litters...
    2. colliemerles
      happy birthday
    3. hobbs2004
      Oooh you got a puppy? What did you get? Bet that is loads of fun. But sorry that nothing is happening on the kitten front.
    4. hobbs2004
      Hey there stranger! How are you doing? All well here; well, apart from the miserable weather!
    5. feathered bird lover
      feathered bird lover
      oh, meant to add CHEESE IS GREAT, lol. burlesque, iv'e only ever heard of dita von teese, might not have gotten 1st name correct, she was married to marion manson, now divorced. ttfn
    6. feathered bird lover
      feathered bird lover
      thank you for the friends request. i have never taken max to strathclyde park. i did take my last dog patch, who was a brilliant dog, never a grump, always good with other dogs, i suppose all dogs can't be that same. although max is a great dog with people sometimes he can be a wee bitty nippy, don't know if if stems from him being attacked when he was younger. who knows but he has a great range of 'pals'. when meeting another dog i just say to owner to keep their dog on lead and then we walk beside them, max to my left side, new dog to owners right side, seems to be the best thing to do with max. glad to be your friend ttfn.
    7. feathered bird lover
      feathered bird lover
      thank you for the like. what a lovely day we are having weather wise. going a run later to bruv-in laws in bridge of weir, lovely there, have you been? do you go to strathclyde park, i haven't been in years! my friend does dog grooming. i love most cheeses. my pets are 1 blue lurcher, max and a 17 year old whitefaced cockateil. take care ttfn
    8. sequeena
      Sorry, I've only just seen this! Thank you :D
    9. Lumboo
      Thank you :D

      They are also really lovely, soft lap cats, even though right now they have jumped off my lap in favour of a ball that was hidden under the sofa that they are playing football with. Looks like the night time frolics have begun....any minute now there will be mad dash chasing around the flat :rolleyes:
    10. Lumboo
      Yeah, fingers crossed and they are both sleeping soundly now.

      This was something in our garden and easily fixed, so when my husband gets back tomorrow evening he will be moving all the lilies and checking all other plants to ensure they are OK.

      This is another reason why I don't want them wandering off. You never know what people have in their gardens. Even lovely people who don't want to harm animals may have potentially toxic plants.

      Thanks for your kind words x
    11. Lumboo
      Hi Alison, Wilbur got pollen on his back which I washed off - this is how I realised about the lilies. I don't think it was on him for long as I am out in the garden with them when they are outside but I didn't see when he actually got it on him.

      The cats groom each other so one having unnoticed pollen on their fur would effect them both. I am still really worried but neither is showing ANY effects so I am hoping it was noticed and cleaned in time.

      Right now I feel like the totally sh*t Mummy that I am! :(
    12. gloworm*mushroom
      Well I certainly agree with you on that one :D lol
    13. spid
      I'm hoping Coda will either give me a dominant tortie or a sepia tabby next year - 15 weeks old and I'm already planning the next generation!!!
    14. spid
      Not a problem - I hate it when people just assume! And boy she was annoying - I wondered if she was a troll or not - I rarely get confrontational but honestly . . . gorgeous cats by the way especially your tortie! I lurve torties!
    15. spid
      Thanks for the friend request!
    16. pippa234
      xxx thank you for all your help hun xxx
    17. MoggyBaby
      You are very welcome hun. :) Thank you for the friendship request. :D
    18. welshjet
      Your welcome, when i saw your last post update, i had a feeling and then saw other thread, hope your ok as well, its so so sad xxx
    19. Jenny1966
      ((hugs))) for you too, for being there for Pippa xx
    20. abbiechi
      Oh that's pretty cool, what will the website be for?xx
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    May 20
    Paisley, Scotland.
    Chihuahua Breeder, Pest Management.


    Sparklechi - Breeder Of Chihuahuas.


    A life without animals isn't worth living.
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