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Aug 28, 2017
Sep 1, 2011
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Aliciajayne was last seen:
Aug 28, 2017
    1. catcoonz
      Hi, Glad Lola is doing well, is she still booked for her spay on 10th? x
    2. Lunabuma
      Love your pics :)
    3. SamanthaGoosey
      Just found the message :)
    4. Jenny1966
      No problems :) Good luck with the spay, when Molly had her's she was as good as gold!
    5. SamanthaGoosey
      That's great news! CC will be really happy to know that :) Good luck with the op! We're all looking forward to hearing how it goes :)
    6. SamanthaGoosey
      Ah, maybe Lola is just more sensitive to the food change than the others then? How did the vets go? :)
    7. Jenny1966
      Hiya, just to let you know when you reply to a post written on your profile, click on the persons name and you then reply on their profile, it will then notify them you have replied ..... atm you are just replying on your own wall :)

      Hope you are now doing ok after all the fuss!! :)
    8. Aliciajayne
      Thankyou Samantha, all my cats were wormed in January as soon as Spencer arrived. She,s actually had a bit of diarrhoea ,no vomiting and today her tummy looks less bloated.
      I stupidly changed their biscuits as they weren't eating the Royal Canin kitten. I got a fantastic new make called....kitties ? ,thrown pack away,but they went berserk and stuffed themselves.
    9. SamanthaGoosey
      Hey AJ, what did the vet say about Lola again? Her belly is so plump, she might have worms? Is she off her food at the moment? Are you regularly worming? :)
    10. Aliciajayne
      Thanks again for the kind words,I'm sorry if I got myself in a huff. I suppose when you don't see the person or the cats it's hard to imagine who,s who! Glad were all friends again. :)
    11. moggiemum
      sooo beautiful happy cats lovely pictures
    12. Aliciajayne
      Thankyou so much :)
    13. Jansheff
      You have some beautiful cats and lovely photos of them. My Burmese lie like that down the covers in bed!
    14. chillminx
      Great photos and very beautiful cats :)
    15. Aurelie
      Your photos are lovely
    16. Aliciajayne
      Thankyou so much, I really am grateful for the offers of help.
    17. SamanthaGoosey
      Please take CC up on her offer, she has done some fantastic work with cats! If anyone can help you, it's her!
    18. catcoonz
      Hi, when did you find out your girl wasnt pregnant, being easter weekend how did you find a vet.
      Also if you need any help with the boy i have tamed many feral kittens, please just ask as im sure people will give you great advise.
    19. CAPA7
      So will you spay her now?
    20. SamanthaGoosey
      We don't hate you? But I can say on behalf of other members that we're so glad she isn't pregnant :) there's no need to prove anything to us about your house, it won't do anything because even BYBs can have nicer set ups than registered breeders.
      We can easily move on, especially now we know your girl is okay :)
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