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Jul 25, 2016
Oct 30, 2011
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Mar 30, 1991 (Age: 29)
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currently looking ,

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PetForums Senior, 29, from Hockley

AlexTurley was last seen:
Jul 25, 2016
    1. RabbitMonster
      Glad I could cheer you up this evening :p
    2. springerpete
      Hi Alex.
      If you're looking for beauty spots then right on your doostep in Swansea you have 'The Mumbles' Beautiful stretch of coastline, come a bit further West and you're in my neck of the woods, Believe me, the Pembrokeshire Coastline is as good as it gets.
      If you need more specific details let me know what it is you're looking for, if I can help I will. Cheers. Pete.
    3. welshjet
      Hiya, thanks for message, when it comes to 'posh' cats Im terrible, I only really know moggies - I knew I should not have looked that that page though, have sent a message to them but will wait and see.

      Hows your boy - hope he's behaving for you x

    4. springerpete
      Hi Alex, Thank you for the 'Friends request' which I'm very happy to accept, though why you'd want an Old Toad like me as a friend is a puzzle.
      You look as though you were having a good night in your pic. Cheers and thanks. Pete.
    5. RabbitMonster
      It was a thread in General about a FB page that was making jokes about dead babies. There was a whole big argument about it, but I didn't read her comments, I just got the thread closed cus it was going way too far.
    6. RabbitMonster
      God only knows why she's throwing it in. Ley's face it, it's not like she lives in the middle of the Libyan desert! :rolleyes: Uuuuuuugggghhh she's such a tit.
    7. RabbitMonster
      :eek: Well, it still looks good :D Do you know what she used to make it?
    8. RabbitMonster
      Love the new banner :D
    9. RabbitMonster
      Thanks hun, I appreciate it :)

      :eek: Naughty Heffin! You love your mummy really! :D
    10. RabbitMonster
      I'm doing fairly fine with it. I'm trying not to think of the bad things too much, just focus on the positives like when I can get her home with me. It does get bad when something happens like today, but I'm determined to bounce back :D

      I'm not sure there was a mother cat. The rescue normally gives kittens away at 9 weeks, so I'm guessing there was no mother present, hence why Molly wasn't attacked. That being said, a 9 week old kitten would fight back so Molly would have been injured.

      The thread is closed now, but there's another one where I'm asking for advice on what to do next. I'll keep everyone updated though, I know there's been quite a few people, yourself included, that are quite concerned.
    11. RabbitMonster
      Have we missed each other somehow over the last month then? It would take ages to explain, might be easier to look at these threads in this order: No.1, No. 2, No. 3 aaaand No. 4

      Enjoy :p
    12. RabbitMonster
      What hsan't happened with Molly at this stage? :rolleyes:

      Basically, a recently rescued litter of motherless 9 week old kittens were adopted by the fosterer and were, for some unbeknown reason, in a shed with a gap at the bottom of the door. According to the foster, Molly got through the gap and killed one of the kittens. She was apparently 'chewing' on it when the fosterer found her and the kit had two puncture marks in its chest.

      How much of this is true, I don't know.
    13. lisa_h
      Hi Alex!

      Just saw your message on my portrait thread, I am open for commission over summer, I'm currently working on two portraits so have room for more :) The price depends on size and how much detail goes into it. Typically a high detail A4 size portrait is £60 ready to be framed and go as low as £30 :) Message me on my wall if you are interested and have a photo in mind for me to work from.
      Hope this helps!
      Lisa xxx
    14. greenstonekiwis
      Hi there Alex, yes that sounds about right - there are 3 quarantine facilities in Auckland and one in the South Island of NZ. No problem bringing in bengals.
      hope that helps.
    15. Taylorbaby
      hiya just read your website, just wanted to say that you have the lap cat bit wrong, all my bengal kittens go as major lapcats, it depends on the breeder aswell as the cat :)
      also some of the info is wrong/miss spelt so may want to copy it off of the gccf or tica website, do you go on the bengal forums Im on there, pop over and say hi to all us bengal owners :)
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    Mar 30, 1991 (Age: 29)
    Home Page:
    currently looking ,
    One exam away from being a vet nurse :) but now dealing with inability to walk
    I currently own
    A Bearded dragon
    And my baby ; my bengal boy who was bought as a show bengal but has been neutered and is just going to be my pet. He is the best companion in the world.

    my main loves in life are ;
    Horse riding
    A little geeky hobby of computer games
    My pets :)



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