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Jul 25, 2016
Oct 30, 2011
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Mar 30, 1991 (Age: 29)
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currently looking ,

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PetForums Senior, 29, from Hockley

AlexTurley was last seen:
Jul 25, 2016
    1. sarybeagle
      How are u hun x
    2. sarybeagle
      Fed up and moody. You? I think seeing the nice weather has made me cranky that I can't get out in it with the dogs. They've been absolute monsters this evening and dh didnt get home til gone 10 so ive gone to be with a woodpecker hammering my skull. Xxx
    3. Skatkatzbengals
      Hi see your message on your Bengal I have 2 from sherkahn bengals wonder if the same place x
    4. Dober
      Thank you, I had a lovely time :) I booked through Kuoni
    5. xxwelshcrazyxx
      Hello, Tashi have closed them down and removed them for the time being, she have problems in her private life and needs time out to deal with it all. I have asked for it to come back and be re named The Lounge, as we need somewere to laugh and joke around, they need to make it available to members who are over 18 and WANT to join, if they hide it like last time then on one will know it is there and wont have the choice to get in. Tashi is going to have a word with Mark to sort something out for us, cross fingers x
    6. MrsWright
      That's exactly the way i am. I've been clubbing three times in the past year and i've been completely bladdered before i even left the house. Other half works so i was alone. Simba gives me something to focus on :D x
    7. MrsWright
      Ah ok. I saw it mentioned a few times. Your kitty is lush x
    8. MrsWright
      Thank you. That means alot and same to you. Whats the Adult chat and how do i find it? :)
    9. lymorelynn
      adult chat is open to people over 18 and you have to PM Tashi for permission. It's mainly adult type jokes and general silliness on there :D
      Occasionally there's a serious type of thread that isn't suitable for younger members
    10. lymorelynn
      Hi Alex.
      The basket came from Pampurred Pets which are a local smallish group of pet shops round me. I'm not sure whereabouts they have other branches but it is a very similar basket to the one on Zooplus :) It isn't huge though - Rosie can fit in with a couple of kittens when they are about 8 weeks old but that's about it
    11. Goldstar
      Sent a friend request on fb :D
    12. sonicsweve
      Heyy thanks for checking out my page x please reply to my post x thanks in advance :)
    13. RabbitMonster
      It's got bass clefs as the horns :D

      True, true. Hunky men are at the root of so many women's problems! :rolleyes:
    14. RabbitMonster
      I'm getting my favourite band's symbols put on my back, and the some wee paws on my arm for Molly :001_wub: and then and Aries sign somewhere else on my person :D

      Ha ha! My genius strikes again! It's a shame it never pops up when I need it. Like when I'm driving a car into a pavement :lol:
    15. RabbitMonster
      I shall reserve the 'in the name of a festival' judgement until after the festival :lol: I am terrified, it's my first and I'm getting it down my spine :eek:

      Have you no other camera you can use while you're away?
    16. RabbitMonster
      Unfortunately I don't own a pair of wellies, just trusty old Converse :lol: This is my first festival too, and I should be getting my tattoo while I'm there :D

      Yes, you are a muppet :p It'll end up in the last place you expect it to be, I bet ya. Or the most obvious place.
    17. RabbitMonster
      I meant to say weather, not whether :lol: I can't fookin' wait, I got my festival clothes all sorted :D Although I may be a little premature, I've planned for good weather so I'll be buggered if it's bad weather :lol:

      Well that was silly :p Where was the last place you had it?
    18. RabbitMonster
      Leeds is a big rock music festival which, whether permitting, will contain a ton of hunky tattooed men :drool:

      Are you lookin' forward to it? It sounds like a great opportunity for you, I hope it goes well!

      My missy is fine bar her toothy and gummy problems. She's being a miserable little so and so at the minute cus she's having to take antibiotics but hopefully she'll be better soon :)
    19. RabbitMonster
      As could I...

      On a completely unrelated note, I'm going to the Leeds at the end of August :D
    20. RabbitMonster
      Ohh yes! Very much and muscley, with tattoos in all the right places :drool:
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    Mar 30, 1991 (Age: 29)
    Home Page:
    currently looking ,
    One exam away from being a vet nurse :) but now dealing with inability to walk
    I currently own
    A Bearded dragon
    And my baby ; my bengal boy who was bought as a show bengal but has been neutered and is just going to be my pet. He is the best companion in the world.

    my main loves in life are ;
    Horse riding
    A little geeky hobby of computer games
    My pets :)



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