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Apr 29, 2019
Feb 16, 2009
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Apr 29, 2019
    1. lymorelynn
      Thank you once again. I know I'm a pain :D I was really hoping to surprise him as he doesn't think he'll be getting anything ;) Never mind I'll talk to him :)
    2. lymorelynn
      Re telescopes.
      Luke's away on holiday so a quick question for you as you have been so helpful too.
      Is anything under 8" aperture not worth looking at? There seems to be a big leap in price from say a 6" and considering we have just bought our son a car and paid an astronomical amount (no pun intended :D) in insurance I don't think we want to spend that much. If he gets into it more seriously then we might consider something better but would a smaller scope be good enough to start with?
      Lynn - lymorelynn
    3. DoubleTrouble
      Having been badly bitten I too have looked very closely at pet insurance, Just wanted to throw on into the pot that you may not be aware of (or then you may) The name of the company is JBi and although they are not so high in the amount of cover they offer for the price I condsider very good. Would appreciate it you had the time to take a look at them, I have their top policy, and providing you pet is with them before their ninth birthday then the annual premiums do not increase as your dog gets older (other then with standard ins hikes of course) My weimaraner who is almost ten has been with the three years, I have had three claims - all paid very quickly - my premium is coming is at £218 pa would appreciate your opinion. It is the for life cover I have.
    4. DoubleTrouble
      Are you the guy that has done a fair bit of reearch into pet insurance?
    5. AlbertRoss
      You - aggressive? Swarthy's aggressive. You're a pussycat!
    6. Tje
      oh, nothin important - it was in reply to your "I'd never argue with a lady" post. I made some joke, and afterwards I thought I might have sounded a tad agreesive... :)
    7. Tje
      by the way, that WAS a joke. (honest gov, honest!) I would never headbutt you... never!!

      Apart from anything else... I'd probably need a stepladder to do so ;)
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    Things you should know before insuring your pet can be found at Important Facts about Pet Insurance. I can also try and answer questions about Pet Insurance via PM. I am not an insurance broker.
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