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Apr 29, 2019
Feb 16, 2009
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Apr 29, 2019
    1. cbcdesign
      Hello. I just came across your name by accident when looking at a reply you made to an article by Louis Donald on the Back of the German Shepherd Dog. I know it was a while ago but even so, well said Sir!
      1. Gemma Perkins
        Gemma Perkins
        Hello Albert, I've seen on other posts you have mentioned a buyers guide to insurance. Can you please send me the link as I can't find it
        Oct 18, 2017
      2. cbcdesign
        Thank You.
        Oct 21, 2017
    2. JANE SWAN
      Would you recommend a policy which offers £8000 worth of veterinary cover renewable per annum or £8000 per annum per condition ?. Thanks
    3. theshoefairy
      Hiya, not sure how to send private messages but wanted to ask you a question. Can you PM me when you get the chance?
    4. ellsbells0123
      Hi Albert, Hope your well. I was wondering if you knew why the e2 postage is so expensive, the other side of the road I live in is e8 there is about a £10.00 difference in cat insurance. Hope you dont mind me asking, thanks.
    5. S_Rollo
      Hi all the info you provide is brilliant I have two dogs to ensure and want a lifetime policy are there any insurance companies you would recommend?
      Also which ones would you avoid?
    6. TroublesomeTrucks
      Hi Albert, i read your pet insurance comparison document and website- it was most helpful. I saw someone recommending cover4pets - i read their lifetime policy and am pretty happy with it. Is there a reason why its not listed on your website? I know you exclude some "baddies" on purpose. Thanks in advance.
      Agreed. I think it is like when people chew the fat in a pub its fine because you get all nuances of conversation, banter, irony, sarcasm etc it is hopeless over the net. Oh well we got there in the end ;0)
      Thanks for the rep, i am glad you saw the humour intended, it doesn't always travel over the internet ;)
    9. Jake1974
      Hi Albert Ross

      I'm new to this and I have 2 x dogs insured with Argos Pet Insurance and have found their service really good. I think your statement about Argos & John Lewis not being insurers, states teh obvious really, but that aside, I thought you might like to know that I've made 2 x claims over the past few years and my experience has shown me a vastly improved claims service and still value for money.

      I recently had a £260 vet bill to remove/cauterise my dog's claw when he snapped it running through woods, but Argos refunded me (less my excess) within 7 working days! How good is that!

      I reckon £12 a month insurance compared to a £260 vet bill just to remove a claw is a bargain! I would recommend Argos Pet Insurance as it's efficient and not expensive.

      Keep up your advice.

    10. redginald
      Cheers, thanks for your help!!
    11. B3rnie
      Cheers for the rep, from a fellow F1 fan :p
    12. dogthing
      Hi, I've just joined PetForum as I am boiling about recent conduct by the RSPCA and, rather than just ranting about it, feel I need to explore if more can be done. I picked you because I have to start somewhere!
    13. ellsbells0123
      Hi, hope your well. I have 2 cats, one is insured with pet plan @ 15.00 lifetime 4000. The other I need to insure, pet plan have said 18.00 per month lifetime 4000.00. Is there someone better on the Market that you recommend?
    14. DoodlesRule
      I agree whole heartedly - the GS of my childhood were always straight backed. You really should post more
    15. DoodlesRule
      Hello - have only seen your posts on insurance before, the one on german shephers was very informative.
    16. sjmojo
      Hello, i see you seem to be an expert in insurance...we have narrowed our choice down to pets plan classic 7000 @ £35 or John Lewis 10,[email protected]£24 - i would be grateful of any advice as which to choose, the only difference apart from 3k yearly claim is dental cover?? Thanks in anticipatuon. Jo
    17. cinnamontoast
      I used my HTC phone on a computer in the school staffroom. I just checked it on my iPad with the same phone and it's fine, works well. :)
    18. cinnamontoast
      Love the barcode-just checked it out using my phone-so cool, fab idea!
    19. Howldaloom
      Hello albert =) I was pointed in your direction by hobbs for a bit of advice about insurance. I have a thread atm on cats health and nutrition about an insurance policie. If you could take a quick look at it and tell me what you think i would be very grateful. Thanks for your time =)
    20. debtherat
      Hi. Malmum suggested you may have some advice on an insurance issue. Two of my dogs are insured with Petguard. An annual renewal notice arrived today informing me that they have new underwriters and that not only will the premium double but they will no longer provide cover for existing conditions ( they both have life cover not the 12 month limited option.) This doesn't affect one dog but Katy has just been diagnosed with spay related incontinence. She will either be on medicine for the rest of her life or there is the possibility of surgery which is the vet preferred route as she is not yet 3. Is the insurance company able to do this? I have read of other people having the same problem as me with this company. Surely they are reneging on their promise to provide cover for ongoing conditions up to the specified financial limit? should I pursue this with the ombudsman? If you have any advice I will be very grateful
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    Things you should know before insuring your pet can be found at Important Facts about Pet Insurance. I can also try and answer questions about Pet Insurance via PM. I am not an insurance broker.
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