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Feb 18, 2013
Jul 21, 2009
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land of nod
Primary teacher

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PetForums VIP, from land of nod

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Feb 18, 2013
    1. Paws&Claws
      Mine are starting to settle a bit now but one of the degus has a poorly foot :( I think they caught it on something as its more a cut then a bite. So at the moment there is a sandbath ban on one side of the cage to ensure it stays nice and clean. Had a lovely cuddle and washed the foot so fingers crossed it should be okay but until im happy that its healed i cant swap sandbaths or sides of the cage. So im keeping them as they are for another few days :)
      Glad to hear yours are coming along! Have you tried them together yet? :o x
    2. metame
      aw, thank you :o
    3. B3rnie
      I am so sorry to hear your bad news, please don't blame yourself at least you were able to give him some love before he went and unfortunately sometimes these things happen when you rescue :(

      What did your vet think? did he notice any signs of any respiratory infections? Personally I am certain (well as certain as I can be without seeing him) that it would have been diabetes or something brought on by the diabetes :(
      When I had this problem not so long ago my vet was happy for me to put the rest on a course of baytril just in case.
      As they have been so close to each other I would carry on with the bonding process but I would leave swaping areas for another week to let the others have their grieving time without the stress of new smells :(
    4. simplysardonic
      aww no :( yeah it's pretty quiet without WL, I'm sure she'll be back though, insane as ever! xx
    5. simplysardonic
      Aww, your lucky mate, I'd love to see him live :D
      We're all fine, been busy as I've been at college & we also recently took on 3 rescue girl ratties who may or may not be pregnant! Hope you're all OK, so sorry about little Jacob xx
    6. Paws&Claws
      Lots of squeeking went on and now everything calmed down tbh! The two non dominant ones seem happy to say hello to each other but the two dominant ones arent happy :lol:

      Leo the 3 legged one is doing very well but doesnt seem to be able to climb too high (not sure if hes unsure or just not able to) He is able to do a couple of shelves but then decides the floor and his little box are best... so tomorrow im making him a 'disabled ramp' out of play sticks so hes able to get up easy :)

      Im going to bond them all in the coming couple weeks and im going to make a bonding diary. Ill let you know when i do and we can give tips to each other :D x
    7. Paws&Claws
      Found this...
      Degu and Chinchilla World - Outline guide to introducing new degus

      ive started to follow it :o new boys are settled and ive got lots of squeeking and teeth grinding going on haha! Im going to get some pictures and start a thread xx
    8. B3rnie
      Aww bless, I'm sure once they have properly settled in the shouting will calm down lol.....

      Oh by the way feel free to call me Bernie hehe I am only B3rnie cos someone stole Bernie before I registered grrrr
    9. B3rnie
      How are the newbees settling in now?
    10. Paws&Claws
      Its a brilliant site :D
      I personally have abit of a Sunday Lunch day :lol: So every Sunday the rabbits have a carrot as a treat to share, the cockatiels get some veggies and the degus get some spiniach and celery ;) I call it the sunday lunch hehe best night of the week too as all the animals have extra full tummys and are usually fast asleep on their sides :lol: x
    11. Paws&Claws
      Keep an eye on Edward then ;) This website should help with treats and veg and stuff :) Diet and Feeding

      I joined a degu forum recently too so i could find out abit more about diet as i want to make sure my little diabetic one will be ok x
    12. Paws&Claws
      That all sounds really positive! :D Try find a treat they all like so if they do make a runner they have to come back for the treat lol i have some ickle special ones that i break in half n they cant resist it lol But tbf mine like climbing into their rolly ball cause it means they will be getting their cage changed round, so catching them isnt too hard for me lol opened the ball and in they jump! :lol:

      Keep an eye on who the 'top degu' will be. That will be the one you have problems with i think. Think its similar to rabbits haha x
    13. Paws&Claws
      How are the new additions today? :o x
    14. niki87
      You're very welcome!! Am so glad it went OK! Love the profile page btw!! xx
    15. Paws&Claws
      Ooo ill have a lookie at pictures now :D
      Im hoping my local vet is degu friendly but with a diabetic degu i might need a special one lol x
    16. Paws&Claws
      I think you just need to looking out for excessive drinking, thats usually the big give away :) atm im having a look for the perfect degu vet around west yorkshire... closest ive found so far is leeds lol xx
    17. Paws&Claws
      Aww im so glad to hear it. Sound like youve got some special ones :) Fingers crossed it all goes okay! Theres nothing i have to do with the diabetic one :o Just have to make sure hes on the right diet and might need to bob him to the vet now and again to make sure his sugar levels are all okay etc :) the other one has 3 legs but gets around fine so he shouldnt be a problem either :D x
    18. Paws&Claws
      Aww thats great! Have you got them all settled? Where did you get them from? :o

      Yeh im adopting a couple from Essex to add to my cage n hopefully have a big group in a couple months. They arrive on monday :D x
    19. B3rnie
      Cool, fantastic news. It is good to hear they are talking, the loud shriek is a warning call, my 7 do it all the time when something alarms them hehe.
      I don't want to worry you but has the one that looks overweight been checked for diabetes? I would keep an eye on him.
      Oh one thing popped into my mind, when yo do get to the point of introducing them on neutral ground make sure you either scatter feed or have pletty of bowls because the dominant ones will become very territorial and protect the bowl lol.
      Sending loads of bonding vibes that your group get on :)
    20. Paws&Claws
      Hows degu adopting going? :o x
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    land of nod
    Primary teacher
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    Nuala - Irish red and white setter
    Lottie - Irish red and white setter
    Taz - Irish red and white setter

    Cats - Runyon and Keats
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    Irish Red and White Setters - Nuala, Lottie & Taz
    Irish Wolfhound - Ripley
    cats - Larkin & Runyon
    Degu - Carlisle

    RIP Nutmeg, Nimrod & Keats
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