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Feb 18, 2013
Jul 21, 2009
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land of nod
Primary teacher

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PetForums VIP, from land of nod

alaun was last seen:
Feb 18, 2013
    1. gillieworm
      Hi, thanks for the nice welcome back message on my page :) Loving you profile pic, gorgeous doggy :)
    2. bbear690
      The Gold one is a bengal and the silver Bengal cross BSH
      they are cool cats,
      thanks :)
    3. Lavenderb
      Thanks for the rep, only just noticed it lol x
    4. MissShelley
      Thanks for the rep honny x
    5. simplysardonic
      thankies for the rep hun :) xx my your profile page is looking busy lol
    6. Paws&Claws
      Brilliant! make sure you start a bonding diary when you do and send me the link! :D

      Mine have calmed down with the squeaking now :) Lenny & Leo got an early xmas present of a john hopewell wheel so they seem to be tired alot now :lol: They have races with each other and all sorts haha now and again they have a tiff through the mesh but nothing too bad at the moment. Thinking of starting to swap sides next time i clean them out. Need to take Lenny to the vet for a quick check up though to make sure his sugar levels are okay as they can go up and down due to stress, so i wana make sure hes chilaxed first haha x
    7. Paws&Claws
      how are ur mad little squeaky degus? xx
    8. paddyjulie
      cheers...just ordered it from Amazon..xxx
    9. noushka05
      i know:lol: i think shes been too busy on other threads to notice it yet:eek: :p

      and youre welcome for the rep:D xxx
    10. danielled
      I think I know where the pink avatars came from lol. I'm ok apart from went ice skateing.
    11. danielled
      I'm seeing alot of pink fluffy avataras on here love your avatar.
    12. Tje
      I am a Brit but I currently live in Holland. I don't breed no, but I do foster cats and do a fair bit of general feline rescue work (and have done for sooo many years it makes me sound like the forum grandmother when I say how long). :)
    13. Tje
      yessss please stop by the cat forums more often, we need all the sanity we can get in there (especially in the breeding section, hehe). Now I need new specs.... am I right in thinking your avatar is Shrek??? If so.... I love Shrek!!! But I have been asked (told) to be pink fluffy, and so the pink cat stays for the forseeable for me. hehe.
    14. xxwelshcrazyxx
      You got him well trained then and the kids by the sound of it, isnt it nice when they rally around and help, dont forget this viral infection can go on for quiet a while (or so I have heard wink wink. lolol) You may as well stretch it out for a bit longer if your getting that kind of care at home, the only thing is your hubby will want the same back in return and you know what men are like when they get a runny nose, ITS A MAJOR ILLNESS lolol
      Have you got your xmas decorations up yet, get them to put them up.....then sit back and direct them....left a bit ...oh no rigth a bit....no back where you had it before etc etc. lololol. We putting ours up this week when my two boys are in school and college coz they just get in the way and I am fussy over the xmas tree, every piece have got to be in the right place on the tree, my kids just used to throw it all on lol.
    15. xxwelshcrazyxx
      Hahaha I got you, I remember in a thread you mentioned about CheatingRabbit being your hubby, drrr how slow am I. Wow is he going to have revenge taken out on him then, sounds like he loves to wind you up, typical man. Bad man he is lololol. Is he running around for you though, he should be doing the housework, shopping etc etc and making you cups of coffee and turning the channels over on the tele for you, lolol Have you tried that throat spray that numbs the back of your throat, I used it once before and it was really good, weird taste but it does the job if you got a sore throat.....perhaps you should spray some on HIS tongue, that will stop him for a bit lolololo
    16. xxwelshcrazyxx
      That is not nice, and I bet you find everyone wants you to try and repeat what you tried to say to them, sooooo annoying. You got me confused at bit where you mention Cheating Rabbit is in heavan..............are you trying to say YOU ARE cheating Rabbit ???
      You want to wrap up warm, have you got medication for that infection? Good luck with the tele there is never much on when I want to watch it lolol. Hope you a feeling better soon. xxxx
    17. xxwelshcrazyxx
      Oh I got to pinch that joke I sent you ages ago, I forgot about that one, I am going to put it up on general. lolol
    18. xxwelshcrazyxx
      Christ you are bored arn't you. lol. sorry to hear you are ill, hope it is nothing serious ? Make sure you look after yourself you dont want to be in bed all over xmas. Hubby is all padded out ready to be santa in our infants and junior school, come and help if you want you can ring the bell. lolol. will be back about 4 if you need a natter. xxxxxxxxxxxxx
    19. Inca's Mum
      Inca's Mum
      Thanks for the rep! Of course I would stick up for teachers and younger generations, they're all whingy old buggers going on about 'back in the day' but now it isn't 'back in the day' and it is so different so they can shut up because they don't really know what they're talking about :laugh: they're not part of the system (whether as staff or pupils) but I am so know exactly what happens :D just thought they needed to be told ;)
    20. Cherpi
      No I haven't got a cage yet :(
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    land of nod
    Primary teacher
    Mum of 3 (2 of them teenagers - oh help)

    My pets

    Ripley - Irish Wolfhound
    Nuala - Irish red and white setter
    Lottie - Irish red and white setter
    Taz - Irish red and white setter

    Cats - Runyon and Keats
    Degus - Emmett, Jacob, Carlisle and Edward


    Irish Red and White Setters - Nuala, Lottie & Taz
    Irish Wolfhound - Ripley
    cats - Larkin & Runyon
    Degu - Carlisle

    RIP Nutmeg, Nimrod & Keats
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