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Feb 18, 2013
Jul 21, 2009
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land of nod
Primary teacher

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PetForums VIP, from land of nod

alaun was last seen:
Feb 18, 2013
    1. *WillsTillsBills*
      I looooove that picture!! toooo cute, i bet they are slowly nibbling away at your house!!

      I'm not a breeder no... we brought Wilbury and were delighted with him!! soooo happy, so after having him about 4 months, we called the breeder and asked that when she had her next litter (thinking atleast 6mnths time) could we have one? she explained that she had one of his litter mates returned and asked if we wanted her, we jumped at the chance!

      Are you a breeder? if you have had them since birth, your job must be harder, we were lucky they were pretty much toilet trained by the time we got Tilly :)
    2. Sylvestris Kennels
      Sylvestris Kennels
      Thanks for your kind comments on my photos - I follow the philosophy that if you take enough, you are bound to get some good ones!
    3. Sylvestris Kennels
      Sylvestris Kennels
      Thanks for the rep.
    4. sketch
      No problem, i say it as i see it, there are too many bad breeders, so lovely to talk to a good one.
      Taz will be just fine, i bet ya, Taz has you what more does a pupster need
    5. sketch
      Hi hunnny, thanks for the rep, lol, im always getting into mischief haha.
      Hope you are all really well
    6. leashedForLife
      hey, alaun! :)
      thank U kindly - heres hoping everyone sleeps tonight -
      ah blessed sleep, which knits up the raveled sleeve of care...
      there is nothing like a peaceful night... and a quiet house. ;)
      i wish U pleasant dreams later tonight,
      --- terry
    7. leashedForLife
      thanks for the reppies, alaun! :---)
      i feel badly for the Viszla; it does not matter a whit if the dog is *bigger*, and a wee tiny dog can conversely handle being on their lonesome; if the Viszla =cannot cope with separation=, then she cannot cope (shrug). size has zip to do with it... :(
      --- terry
    8. Nicky09
      Thank you I agree they're lovely but I'm really biased. Thea loves posing for the camera. Now to actually post some of the rabbit the site never lets me
    9. sketch
      I think wer must both be a little mad dont you.
      Dalton walked to heel, and was being silly taking it literally ha ha, Libby the little one has just barked at everyone, and everything noisy girl, but is getting walking to heel nicely bless she is so mad, she is a right Collie wobble that one
    10. sketch
      Dalton is 15 months, Kane is 13 months, libby is 21 weeks.
      I have just come back from walkies lol, we did road work today, because im lazy and dont feel like bathing two GSD's today ha ha.
      Hope yours dont come back too dirty ha ha, if they do piccies please he he
    11. sketch
      Thank you so much for the piccie comment, and for the friendship, its really lovely. PS Give the wolfies big hugs from me
    12. tafwoc
      Thank you for the friend request :)
    13. tafwoc
      They are really nice, how big do they grow? My dogs are crazy with water.lol. Results in alot of baths when they come out covered in algea.
    14. moboyd
      Thankyou, something seems "off"
    15. Nicky09
      Thank you for the rep
    16. bullet
      That would keep my mrs fit coming back from tesco's then, ha ha
    17. bullet
      thanks for the offer. but i think if i went lure coursing he probably would eat the cat.lol
    18. RachyBobs
      Thankyou! No I have never thought of it before, we live on a farm you see and they already murder my hens lol!
    19. Pam/Holly
      What do you teach?
    20. Pam/Holly
      Hi Where in West Yorkshire do you live?
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  • About

    land of nod
    Primary teacher
    Mum of 3 (2 of them teenagers - oh help)

    My pets

    Ripley - Irish Wolfhound
    Nuala - Irish red and white setter
    Lottie - Irish red and white setter
    Taz - Irish red and white setter

    Cats - Runyon and Keats
    Degus - Emmett, Jacob, Carlisle and Edward


    Irish Red and White Setters - Nuala, Lottie & Taz
    Irish Wolfhound - Ripley
    cats - Larkin & Runyon
    Degu - Carlisle

    RIP Nutmeg, Nimrod & Keats
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