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Feb 18, 2013
Jul 21, 2009
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land of nod
Primary teacher

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PetForums VIP, from land of nod

alaun was last seen:
Feb 18, 2013
    1. Paws&Claws
      Hey! Hows it going? xx
    2. Waterlily
    3. Bandy
    4. B3rnie
      Hey, just wondering how you are geting on with your Goo bonding?

    5. Waterlily
    6. pacey63
      hi,glad ripleys doing well, my sholey has had a relapse..need to get her down the pdsa as soon as i can, i am fearing she has torn it again (i am devistated) dont know how she did it, shes limping badly on the same leg..ive given her carpofen for now untill i can get her to the vet.
    7. zany_toon
      Hi Alaun,
      promise I wasn't ignoring your message - just way too many problems for my short term memory to cope with :lol: I'm pretty sure you would have gotten some pretty strange looks standing in the park or being at the vets and calling "Nuts, Cin!" Would have been hilarious though :lol: At least in the park there would be a chance no one would recognise you - at the vets you don't stand a chance :p :lol:
    8. Bandy
      Merry Christmas

    9. B3rnie
      Sounds like things are going well :D
      Right for the next few days you need to keep swopping everyone over on a daily basis, in about 3/4 days I would allow another meeting and then do the same again until you are completely confident that they are getting on. Once you are confident you can clean the cage and then put them all together.
      If fights kick off at any stage separate them immediately and start the process from scratch :)
    10. noushka05
      one of these days you'll cop it missis!:p xx
    11. Lavenderb
      Thanks for the rep...dont know what you mean lol x
    12. MissShelley
      Lmao! I have no clue why ! :D xx
    13. noushka05
      you had a very lucky escape imo:lol:
    14. Old Shep
      Old Shep
      Gosh! I could be so easily tempted! Stunning. Just stunning. Good luck with them. (I can't see your albums, Not sure what I am doing wrong. Again!)
    15. Old Shep
      Old Shep
      Is the dog in the pic above one of your red and whites? He's beautiful! I don't actually own a brittany and the pic is off google images. I have BCs, but was thinking of getting a springer--long story short--ended up liking the brits. I'm going to crufts next year specifically to have a look and to meet a few more breeders. I've not decided yet, though.
      Are the red and whites very busy dogs then (perhaps that's an understatement--aren't all the setters very energetic?)?
      Do you work any of your dogs?
    16. Waterlily
      well ya gotta have popcorn at pf :D
    17. Waterlily
    18. Waterlily
      done it :D
    19. Waterlily
      dont leave me hanging.......pm me :D
    20. Old Shep
      Old Shep
      I've not used this facility before and I'd be pretty amazed if this gets to you, alaun, as I'm just guessing how to use it.
      My avatar is actually a brittany, but it does look a bit like a red and white setter, doesn't it? I think there is a lot of setter and pointer in them. They were actually originally called brittany spaniels, but they really are not spaniel, apparently. Do you have red and white setters? I saw some at a gundog show in Edinburgh last month and they were simply stunning!!
      can you let me know if you get this, please? This is my second attempt. I sent it to myself first!
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    land of nod
    Primary teacher
    Mum of 3 (2 of them teenagers - oh help)

    My pets

    Ripley - Irish Wolfhound
    Nuala - Irish red and white setter
    Lottie - Irish red and white setter
    Taz - Irish red and white setter

    Cats - Runyon and Keats
    Degus - Emmett, Jacob, Carlisle and Edward


    Irish Red and White Setters - Nuala, Lottie & Taz
    Irish Wolfhound - Ripley
    cats - Larkin & Runyon
    Degu - Carlisle

    RIP Nutmeg, Nimrod & Keats
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