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Jun 3, 2014
Jan 28, 2009
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Jun 3, 2014
    1. Flamingoes
      Sorry the thread got closed before I had chance to reply to you; Poms are amazing :o

      They're SO intelligent, hard bl*ddy work, never miss anything, certainly not a 'toy breed' they're more like a working breed to own :lol:

      I so hope your mum gets a Pom; I was on a waiting list three years as I knew the lines I wanted etc.

      Best breed ever :p xxxxxx
    2. SixStar
      With the right training, the size and strength of the owner is irrelevant really.

      Harvey weighs 50 kg, and I also have a Neapolitan Mastiff and a Newfoundland, who are 70 and 80 kg respectively. I am 5ft 2 and weigh just under fifty kilos myself, and am sixty years old - I can manage the three of them perfectly well ;) - although, not all together I might add, that would be daft!
    3. SixStar
      Thanks! - that's Harvey, a Bernese Mountain Dog :)
    4. newfiesmum
      What, a horrible moment when you found your dog safe at home? I would have thought that was joyous relief myself. I wouldn't have liked it had you said that he had just disappeared and you hadn't got him back. I have taken it off and will remember not to like anything you post in future.
    5. Mad4Muttz
      sorry i never liked it in good way i meant when you said he came home which brought tears to my eyes and forgot to quote and highlight your words... again i am really sorry if i offended you in anyway xx
    6. lindsaykissmm
    7. Malmum
      Thanks for the rep, just hope she sorts something out for him.
    8. poochimama
      hi there sorry not been on in a while ,,,hope u are well hope to catch up soon xxx
    9. danielled
      thanks for the heads up on the facebook changes. deactivating my account on there when sky want to behave.
    10. kimdelyse
      Hiya, yes he's a Bichon. Flo is short for Florent, a French boys name. I just let people call him "her" though it's easier than explaining! It was a really beautiful picture you posted! I'm considering getting a poodle :)
    11. Indi's mum
      Indi's mum
      If you search for a thread called wahoo in dog chat there's a few pics on there. I can't out any up ATM as I'm on my iPad and i don't have any new pics on here. :)
    12. Indi's mum
      Indi's mum
      It was his breed choice actually! He's had them all his life. And when I met him I thout I was allergic to all dogs, but obviously not with these guys. He even walks Indi, but I always have to carry the poop bags. Lol. If we get a standard he will have to walk it.
    13. Indi's mum
      Indi's mum
      We wouldn't get another one for a few years anyway, but I do like to wind him up. The plan is to get a bigger place first and then start looking but he wants a standard so that's a fair few years away yet. But I would love a standard when the time is right.
    14. Indi's mum
      Indi's mum
      My boyfriend has told me I need to walk before I can run, indi's my first dog ever. He's almost one so Im trying to pursued him he needs a friend. :)
    15. Indi's mum
      Indi's mum
      Awww, I'm planning on puppy napping my mil's White poodle when we get a bigger place. But she doesn't know yet. ;)
    16. Indi's mum
      Indi's mum
      Hello just had a nosey at your poodles, are yours toys? They're gorgeous colours. :)
    17. ruff
      :biggrin:hiya, Ruff was dark chocolate brown when i had him but started going grey at 1 and now gradually getting greyer each time i clip him! How old is your little one?
    18. ruff
      hiya just been on here for a nosey at your lovely pooches! they are so sweet x not too many of our poodle lover out there are is there? i joined poodles galore but what does it do ....? lots of great pics on though x
    19. poochimama
      lmao nutter is gd bless him :)
    20. RAINYBOW
      Great thanks, glad you are good xx
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