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Dec 29, 2011
Dec 30, 2008
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PetForums VIP, from Trying to find my marbles........

Acacia86 was last seen:
Dec 29, 2011
    1. sequeena
      Oh I keep meaning to ask are you on facebook??
    2. alaun
      Thanks for that. I've definitely heard of them. Never realised they travelled so far for shows though - blimey, that's dedication! Glen of Imaals are pretty cute - just a bit small for me though.
    3. JANICE199
      Thankyou for the rep.xxx:D
    4. sequeena
      LOL last time i did that i gave the taxi man all my money looooooooooooool!!!
    5. sequeena
      Righht o my huoney bon!!!!
    6. sequeena
      ooooh you sweetheart my next drinking date is Friday! put it in the diary!!!!
    7. sequeena
      omg it must have been a sight!! Me and my ass going over lmaoooo!!!!!!

      aw hun you lightweight :lol:
    8. sequeena
      omg please drink more I love you :(( LOL yes cotton is home!!!! I SHITED myself! Seriously thought I was going to have a break down! Spotted her on next doors shed though and climbedacross her lol!!!!
    9. sequeena
      oi mon b*tch where are thee!! am getting PIIIIIIIIISSSSSSSSSSSSSSEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD/1
    10. sequeena
      LMFAO. Well umm what can I say! Their poos ARE wonderful :lol:
    11. willa
      We've been in tears all day :( :( :(
      it was the right thing to do - but doesn't make it any easier :(

      She was OK yesterday, eating, drinking, walking around, tail wagging
    12. willa
      We lost our darling Labrador thismorning. Spice had a fit overnight & was found collapsed covered in feces :( :( :( :( :( :(. We called the emergency Vet & they arrived & "sent her to sleep"

      Such a crap crap crap sad sad day
    13. may
      No problem :)
    14. may
      Just give me a ring :) lol
    15. may
      Thanks for your visitors message :) I hope you get your Oriental very soon and if your lucky you might get one like Rags :) I have never seen another with this colour so far but I'm hoping to breed one .
    16. willa
      When she eventually arrives at Orphanage the children will all be up !
      So she'll be thrown into action her first day ! I've looked at their website & it looks really lovely. All the children looks SO adorable :)
    17. willa
      She should be arriving at Orphanage in a few hours time. she's gonna be exhausted. India are 6 hours ahead - so she'll miss an entire nights sleep !
    18. willa
      Well my little sister left thismorning. lots of tears at the airport !!!!!

      Mum's taken her mobile phone to bed with her - incase my sister needs help !
    19. willa
      she's only flown alone once & managed to loose her Passport & return ticket!!!!

      Mum's gonna be in flood of tears tomorrow morning. her flight leaves london at 9am
    20. willa
      She's gonna have an amazing time :) I'm so happy & excited for her - just gonna miss her

      I'm so jealous, she's going to India (working in an Orphanage), China, Thailand, Cambodia & Vietnam

      Lucky girl ! She's 18 btw
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