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Dec 29, 2011
Dec 30, 2008
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PetForums VIP, from Trying to find my marbles........

Acacia86 was last seen:
Dec 29, 2011
    1. MerlinsMum
      Can't find it listed anywhere.... humph!
      Have asked on FB.
    2. MerlinsMum
      Hi hun- I think there's a big dog show in Jersey this week? or is it Guernsey? (Guy I know who is a dog judge said on FB he was off to the CI for the show). Thought you might like to know in case you can get there for a look-see! xx
    3. leashedForLife
      thank U kindly, ma;am... :)
      cranky is as cranky does :lol: and i think cranky did :D Hope U had a lovely weekend,
      --- terry
    4. Darkstitch
      Hey, thanks for the rep on the 'children being bitten' comments. I know it was sometime last week but I've only just noticed it :D
    5. sequeena
      Oh noes! Hope it's fun busy!
    6. sequeena
      It's been really nice actually lol :D
    7. willa
      Just wondering coz i may have to have 2 out. Lower left is partially out stuck & the gum is infected atm. Upper left it out but wonky & keeps cutting my cheek, also covered in thick tartar & dark lines !

      i'm so scared to have them out though !
    8. willa
      Have u had any wisdom teeth out ?
    9. hawksport
      Yes the same as putting a towel over a cage or useing blinkers on a horse
    10. hawksport
      Some more phrases for you
      under the thumb............comes from the jesses that are fixed to the birds legs and are used to control it are held on top of the forefinger and under the thumb but could also refer to a horses reigns.
      fed up..................comes from when a falcon has been fed and wants to rest and digest its meal.
      boozer................comes from when a falcon has a drink which is call bowesing.
      at the end of my tether.............a hawk is trained first to step onto the fist, then to jump and then to fly. When it is flying leash length it is said to be at the end of its tether.
      old hag................a haggard is an adult bird caught when it is thin and needs to moult its old feathers.
    11. hawksport
      Traditionaly when a group of falcons are taken out they are carried on a square wooden frame , this is called a cadje. Attached to the frame are straps, somebody stands inside the frame and puts the straps onto his shoulders and carries the birds on a cadje. Now you know where the phrase to "cadje a lift comes from". Anyway while on the cadje they would be hooded or they would try to eat each other. They would also be hooded more during early training while they are more frightened of things and while setting up slips at quarry so the noise of the bells doesn't frighten the quarry too soon. They are not left hooded for hours and most will just go to sleep. Once they have been flown and fed a lot will put there head down and wait for the hood they don't mind at all. Most of the time they are left unhooded and only spend perhaps half an hour a day with a hood on.
    12. sequeena
      I'm betting on Luna lmfao!!
    13. sequeena
      That is one fight I will pay to see!! :lol:
    14. sequeena
      She's more likely to nick the bottle off you and neck it herself :lol:
    15. sequeena
      Are you trying to say something about my Luna??? :eek: :lol:
    16. sequeena
      Wheeee!! That's the kick I need to get the spare room sorted pmsl!!!

      Unless you'd like to share Luna's crate?? :lol:
    17. sequeena
      Thank you for the rep honey I am counting the days until you try to nick my pets :lol:
    18. MerlinsMum
      Honey clear your messages, can't send to you as your PM box is full!!!!!!!!!!!!
    19. leashedForLife
      caption 35 - lets laugh! - Pet Forums Community :D
    20. sequeena
      Hi hun just to let you know I'mon anti depressants because last night I self harmed :p woo.
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