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Jan 29, 2010
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November 27

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    1. thedogsmother
      Youre welcome :)
    2. 8tansox
      9 miles outside of Taunton.
      1. Meganarty
        Hey on one of your replys to a post you said that there was a dog kennel near you. I was wondering if I could get the name because I am looking for a bit of volunteer work myself
        Feb 19, 2016
    3. Pupcakes
      Ive just noticed youre in the cider, swiggin' Somerset region! As am I! Born and bred :lol: Which part of Somerset are you from if you dont mind me asking? xxx
    4. Pupcakes
      Thank you very much! Glad you like Dotties mental ears! thanks for the rep xxx
    5. 8tansox
      Oh that's okay then !!! I thought someone had upset you. I shall go and have a looksie now!
    6. Ditsy42
      Hey Christine, I'm fine, just went on a bender lol but back on track, see u on FB, just popped on to post osme more pics of Buffy and Foley :) hope u guys r ok xx
    7. 8tansox
      It's always worth a try! Glad it all went to plan. Any other "training" problems then just give me a shout and I'll gladly help when I can!
    8. Dogless
      Just wanted to say thank you for your labrador advice; I tried getting Kilo to lie down tonight and stood in front of him to repel any crazy labs and he was relaxed; pretty much saw any tension drain from him. Thank you so much! x
    9. tashi
      Have only just got home after a long two days away, will sort them as soon as I can but first I have to sort out my own dogs and unpack my car etc. So no they were not put back this morning but I did say that I would be away
    10. My lil Babies
      My lil Babies
      Thank you for the rep :)
    11. foxyrockmeister
      Congratulations you won the photo competition this week :thumbup:
      PM me your choice for the theme for next weeks competition when you get a chance :biggrin:
    12. 8tansox
      Sorry to hear about your loss. I don't think it sounds daft at all, Fletcher is a very unusual name for a dog, let alone for a Rottweiler. His full name is Norman Stanley Fletcher. Post some pictures of your Fletcher when you feel able to, we'd love to see him. xxx
    13. Shells Bells
      Shells Bells
      Just an observation, but I lost my 6 year old Rottie Fletcher a few weeks ago x It was so very nice to see you have another Fletcher, kinda makes me smile daft as that sounds xxxx
    14. xhuskyloverx
      Thanks for the rep :) x
    15. albert 1970
      albert 1970
      thanks for my rep x
    16. fine
      hello ! my name is jason ! i have a lovely cat ! nice you ! [IMG]
    17. Pupcakes
      p.s What bit of Somerset do you hail from? xxx
    18. Pupcakes
      Heya 8tansox, just read your post under 'dog aggression towards other dogs' and read your post about your dog having aggression problems and how you got them under control.
      Silly question but how did you go about this? Did you use Clicker Training? As you probably seen I'm training my 2 Dottie fear aggressive with dogs/people and Charlie dog (but not bitch) aggressive. Keeping them on a lead, treats, toys, keeping distance etc...
      How long did you keep your walks/training sessions? How many each day? The past couple of days with work has left me physically shattered then training on top, the littlest mistake felt like a HUGE mountain. Now I dont walk the dogs until I'm physically and mentally relaxed as it does neither of us any good.
      Would just like to hear how you did it as words of encouragement and hearing other peoples stories like yours and SpringerHuskys always keep me going :)

    19. 8tansox
      Oh I've had a couple of replies from Vicky then, Ceearott, in posts etc. I've gathered there are numpties here too, just finding my way around.... . Fletcher's fine, and can you believe he's 3 1/2 years old now, he'll be 4 in December. I have another Rottie called Flint, he's okay now but had a shakey start - to say the least!! and I have a JRT x meerkat/fruitbat !!! I'll try and post some pictures later ... ttfn, gotta dash, lessons in 30 mins and I've done bugger all.
    20. Ditsy42
      Hey Christine, yep it's me lol, been here awhile now, not a bad forum, few numpties lol, was wondering how Fletch was doing, wud luv 2 c some pics of him, Viki is here an all, Ceearott on here, no one else though :)
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    November 27
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