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Apr 29, 2013
Mar 28, 2011
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Apr 29, 2013
    1. tashi
      Yes it was, the subject is a banned topic on here
    2. pinklady
      How is Sammy today? Hope your hand is better too :)
    3. Pupcakes
      Hope Sammy is okay now and your hand is feeling better :( xxx
    4. hawksport
      I deleted that one too as that was against the rules
    5. DT
      Can I be the voice of reason , just once? I have been in your situation more times then most, Thers is NOT a mod on here that I have not fallen out with (least I don't think so) and banned a few times over it too. BUT! when I look back at some of the things I have said and done , EVEN though I have felt I have been in the right ,it has ten times outta ten been my fault! The mods have a job to do, and as a whole are fair, but this arguement over the Utube is stupid, and is in danger of making you look silly. Take my advise, as a pro and drop it! the mods ain't a bad bunch and they will forget it all at lot quicker then some and bear no grudges! Seriously - I know - i AM living proof of it
    6. hawksport
      You don't know what I have told other members, we have a PM facility.
      You read the terms and conditions 5 minutes ago, you know you have broken the rules and could be banned for it
      You won't tolerate threats of a ban. Was there a threat of a ban or did i just tell you that you could be banned?
    7. momentofmadness
      Im sorry but what would you like me banning for .. Irl explain a few things.. You had not secured your vids on You tube.. You have no rights.. Everyone on this forum knows that afterwards you went and secured your vids..Now even though they are secured it does not stop anyone from going and posting a link to those you tube vids and again everyone will see them.. Irl put it bluntly if you dont want people to see and make an opinion..Then dont post the vids..
      Now grow up and build a bridge.. Im getting quite tired or your behaviour!
    8. 5rivers79
      Yes i assumed it was then told it is not by you when you quoted a statement and then by other members. Which i then agreed to.

      However what i wont tolerate is you not once telling members to stop posting unrelated comments to my threads. Infact you were joining in with the 'like' button nd with your sarcastic comments.

      Not only that but not once have you answered my question regarding members trolling on my threads. Trolling comments which you again clicked 'like' to.

      I will not be tolerate threats of ban ('skating on thin ice') as i have not broken forum rules.

      Anyway Mr Singleton has emailed me and said that he will look into this and get back to me. So i will therefore await his response...and if i feel the need to discuss any further matters/issues they will be with other moderators as i feel you and MoM are not doing your assigned jobs correctly. Thanks.
    9. hawksport
      You didn't quote it you posted it, You did exactly the same as MOM did. I couldn't ban MOM for it because she knows that isn't a breech of copyright and would have a case to put forward to have the ban overturned. You on the other hand have said it is a breech of copyright and therefore you couldn't put a case forward for yourself.
    10. 5rivers79
      So will you ban MoM too? Anyway how can you copyright or plagerise when you quote something?

      Anyway thats fine as non of the posts i made were abusive. Nor was i trolling, and the trolls werent dealt with by either moderator.
    11. hawksport
      MOM didn't claim the video to be hers either but you still claimed it was a breech of copyright. So if you are right and it is a breech of copyright I could ban you for posting it.
      I moderated the thread at the point where I moved it to delete some of the posts before putting it back. Now I can't put it back without it looking as though I have done it in response to your threats to report me to Mark so it can stay where it is in its original form.
      You carry on with your reports but just remember I can see a lot more of what is happening here than you can. The ice you're skating on is getting very thin
    12. 5rivers79
      Yeh call me what you want. That thread was months ago and i quoted thar it was from the movie i am legend. At no point did i claim that clip to be mine.

      As for moderating, please tell me at what point you moderated when members were trolling my threads with unrelated comments. Comments that you were clicking like to?

      Like i stated in my previous post, these comments and posts from you and other members have been forwarded to Mark Singleton so i wouldnt 'tidy up' anything till he has read them.
    13. hawksport
      Shall I call you a liar again?

      5rivers79's Avatar
      5rivers79 5rivers79 is online now
      Pet Forums VIP Member

      Join Date: Mar 2011
      Posts: 1,979

      Re: most loyal breeds
      ull get me started
      Here u go: (warning spoiler alert!)

      I Am Legend dog dies - YouTube
    14. 5rivers79
      id like to see evidence of such posts...the videos are of my dogs therefore can prove that they are mine
    15. hawksport
      and now another of you threads has been closed
    16. hawksport
      I also deleted some other posts you made that contained material that didn't belong to you
    17. hawksport
      I moved threads that need tidying up. One of them had a video that you can't prove is your own
    18. momentofmadness
    19. momentofmadness
    20. Malmum
      Well done Sherlock! :-)
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