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Mar 6, 2021
Jun 24, 2009
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PetForums VIP, from Nottinghamshire

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Mar 6, 2021
    1. feathered bird lover
      feathered bird lover
      hi thank you for the info. max is of medium height and build, all muscle very powerful. he is always full of fun, does not like every dog but when he makes a friend it's for keeps. on meeting new dog, i always walk at left/right hand side and other dog is on opposite with owners in middle so that the dogs aren't to near, he hates face to face meetings and prefers to just walk rather than sniff at dog/dogs. i suppose it's just like peolple some you like some you don't. he was badly bitten last year by a dog we had walked with for a few years. the 2 of them used to go on lovely river walks and could let them off lead to roam around. then 1 day the dog just flew at him and bit his back leg, he was at vet every 2 days for 3 weeks, it was awful, so am a bit of a nervous owner!! some small dogs try to have a go at him, poor thing. i wouldn't be without him and is very much a vital part of the family.
    2. feathered bird lover
      feathered bird lover
      thank you for reply, i will ask lucherlass if she has any idea what x max is. we don't see any other lurchers around this way, so when folk meet him, they are all over him, he loves it. with himmbeing a blue, folk mistake him for a greyhound, which is funny, iv'e given up correcting them,lol.
    3. lindsaykissmm

      How are you? I’m Lindsay. I have some questions about dog and also this forum. Could you kindly help me, pleasess?


      Lindsay Alexander

      Yahoo Messager:lindsaykissmm(lindsaykissmm@yahoo.com)
      Facebook:Lindsay Alexander | Facebook
    4. AmberNero
      I've been trying to find a website for the GGG, as last year I only heard about it from friends- do you know if there's a place where I can find some 'official' info on it, please? :)
    5. Snuggles
      Thank you for the rep. :)
    6. henry
      Hi - did you see that the lady from Bright paws has replied on the thread? She wants anyone who's ordered to contact her with the order number.... she's given an e-mail address. Just wanted to point it out in case you didn't see it.
    7. feathered bird lover
      feathered bird lover
      hi, your dogs are lovely, what a smashing photo. ttfn
    8. Furry-4-Paws
      They are really lovely - Very good Photo... Hope you don't mind me stopping by :)
    9. AmberNero
      Aha! Hello then, I recognised your hounds (who are beautiful, by the way!) I have the same name, but back to front, on greytalk. I just thought I would say hello :) I'll leave you alone now though, or I'll start feeling like a stalker!
    10. AmberNero
      Would I be right in thinking that you are Moofie from greytalk?
    11. Allyson
      What a beautiful pair of greys!
    12. lozza84
      we have about 4 or 5 in fall since last night, schools are closed etc so it doesnt look good :( thanks for those suggestions i will check them out. wow that was lucky for you! does the boys like new geys and other dogs ? i cant wait to get my grey!
    13. lozza84
      you have gorgeous gh's !!! i love them. Do you know of anywhere in bedfordshire that does weekly or monthly walks ? im sposed to have someone come and do a homecheck for me today but i doubt he will come with all this snow causing havoc !!
    14. WhiteKatLuva
      your two dogs are so BEAUTIFUL!! Im so jelous X3
    15. greyhounder
      Heya!! how are you??? i avnt talked to you in a gooood while!!!
      How hVE yah beeeen??? hows the 2 hounds ?? =P LoL
      yur like the only person online!! like 2 months sinc we last said somthin 2 each other lol anyways write back soon!

    16. Mickey the lurcher lover
      Mickey the lurcher lover
      Very beautiful hounds. I love the picture of them with their heads together.Mickey
    17. 2Hounds
      Cheeky monkeys are quite fun, Hector is one too. My friend has a westie Mac who lives with her 3 JRT & 5 greys, Mac had great fun chasing Hector & Throp about when we visited. It was nice for them to play off lead with a lil dog as they don't get the opportunity usually.
      Greyhounds are pretty good at selling themselves as they so nice natured, but i'm glad Throp now feels more comfortable meeting strangers so he can enjoy all the fussing as he loves it.
    18. westie~ma
      Aww thanks. My chap is a cheeky monkey but I love him all the more for it LOL. I read your post on the thread "the story", lovely that your boys can give a good impression of greyhounds doing the meet and greets.
    19. westie~ma
      Your boys are sooooo handsome!!
    20. greyhounder
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