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Aug 30, 2019
Oct 30, 2012
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PetForums VIP, from Brighton

2Cats2Dogs was last seen:
Aug 30, 2019
    1. danielled
      Poor Alfie, hope he is ok. My Buddy has been mischevious today too.
    2. 2Cats2Dogs
      Buddy is his usual mischeivous self. Maisie is being a grump lately. However, both seem to be embracing the cats recently. I think they are conspiring against me!

      Alfie started limping this morning. Will have to monitor that. Charlie is just his bum self.

      Hows your Buddy?
    3. danielled
      How are your furbabies.
    4. 2Cats2Dogs
      I did thanks. Went a bit quick. Had me mum for Christmas and then my aunt and uncle on Boxing Day. New Year was a quiet one and uneventful. Another 11 months and we do it all over again.
    5. danielled
      It was great. We had a quiet one only 9 people plus my bf for christmas dinner. Did you have a nice christmas and new year.
    6. 2Cats2Dogs
      So how was Christmas and New Year for you and Buddy?

      Did you guys have fun?
    7. danielled
      Catnip sent Toby daft.
    8. 2Cats2Dogs
      Strangely my cats are not too enamoured with catnip
    9. danielled
      My last cat loved his catnip toy.
    10. 2Cats2Dogs
      Buddy just tried half inching the cats treats and well the fur flew!! :eek:

      There was a growl, swipes, hisses and whining.
    11. danielled
      No I'm off now til after chistmas.
    12. 2Cats2Dogs
      Buddy loves the Orijen treats. My 2 have yet to sample the delights of applaws. My cats love the applaws range!

      So are you working this week?
    13. danielled
      Buddy loves applaws chicken treats too.
    14. 2Cats2Dogs
      Something about beef that sets my 2's taste buds off!!

      Buddy is now having a slog on the settee. Maisie is loitering in wait for the cats.
    15. danielled
      Budd loves beef.
    16. 2Cats2Dogs
      My Buddy has come back and he smells and looks lovely and like a big cuddly teddy bear. He even cuddled the groomer! She loves him bless her.

      Just gave the troublesome duo some cooked off beef I had spare from me home made stroganoff which I am looking forward to.
    17. danielled
      My niece is watchng frozen. My Buddy is due a trip to the groomers next month.
    18. 2Cats2Dogs
      Yup that would be the song.

      I am not a fan of them either, but I had sympathy for Barry Gibb being the remaining of his brothers. Very sad.

      Buddy gets his groom today. I bet he is looking forward to it :D
    19. danielled
      It was probably that song, if it was that would be let it go, everybody is singing it.

      I'm not a fan of the bee gees personally.
    20. 2Cats2Dogs
      I couldn't say for certain. Lol. I am sure some of the loons on me FB will do it an injustice in due course.

      I just saw a Bee Gees documentary on BBC4 which was very insightful and unique. :eek:
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    Senior Buyer
    I love me family and me friends. Above all else I am fair. Treat those how you want to be treated.

    I could be considered weird or an oddball. I love me animals to pieces and I have no idea where I would be without them.

    I enjoy long walks and hikes. Play tennis. Used to play football, but gave up on it as a player and spectator. I love cooking. Enjoy watching films and documentaries.

    I don't watch soaps, reality **** or talkshows!
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