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  1. billsfoxes
    i dream of a world where chickens can cross the road without their motives being questioned
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  2. Jayne19*
    Patch has been very good for two months but today he has started limping on one of his back legs, hope it’s just a day thing
  3. SusieRainbow
    Daxie Heaven
  4. Tabitha1965
    Tabitha1965 Tabatha
    My cat has now got infected paw how long does it take for anti biotics to work
  5. Nal0114
    Sadly 2 of the 6 babies passed away this morning. There we no signs of malnourishment or intention killing by mom. They were 1 week old.
  6. Nal0114
    Gerbil Litter #2 born May 3rd, 2019
  7. WinterboiandXenoassc0de
    WinterboiandXenoassc0de lullabydream
    I am really not finding you helpful and would politely ask you to stop posting on my threads.
  8. DogLover1981
    DogLover1981 Elles
    Love your cute avatar. :)
  9. BSH
    I am a Dog & a Cat person
  10. Gstar1
    He just told me his doggy secret!
  11. Anth321
  12. rottiepointerhouse
    rottiepointerhouse Rott lover
    Hello - yes I'm fine thanks. Still ruffling feathers in General Chat telling people truths they don't want to hear. The dogs are fine although all 3 getting older and slower. Can't believe Indie is 7 now. she has been a bit poorly recently due to her arthritis drugs but hopefully we can get that sorted out fairly easily. How are things with you?
    1. Rott lover
      Rott lover
      I am doing good actually. I finally have my blood pressure and a1c under good control and have actually had to have my blood pressure meds lowered. I have been working on the house slowly and we just got the kitchen floor done. Still looking forward to getting another rotti but have had to push it out another year as we just cant afford to do the fence right now.
      Apr 11, 2019
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    2. Rott lover
      Rott lover
      I don't think it would be fair right now either as we are always on the go and all over the place. Soon though. I cant believe it has been 7 years !!! She is a very lucky girl to have you and I am glad they are all doing well. Any skunk attacks lol?
      Apr 11, 2019
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  13. TommyB
    Loving life as Cetded (cat dad) to my quartet
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  14. Goldstar
    ❤️ Lucky JRT & Chewy Chihuahua ❤️
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  15. Annealise
  16. Ian246
    Ian246 Zota Laurentiu-Cristian
    In a post you said: "... the results were awesome. If you want to see the course give me a PM to help you with more information!"

    I'm interested. Can you provide details?
  17. DamKri
    My name is mad! I only look innocent!
  18. Raggie08
    ~ Ragdoll Breeder ~
  19. Laura_&_Cats
    Ordered a box of Pure 'Surf and Turf' freeze-dried raw today to try the babies on! Excited!
  20. Laura gledhill
    Laura gledhill BUDDY18
    Thank you they have now stopped people from being able to post on it I’m doing the best I can as at the moment she isn’t really looking after them but me and my daughter was up every few hours with them and in the end had the bitch and the pups sleeping with us on the bed last night people just like to bully online as it’s the only way they can bully people
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