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New Profile Posts

  1. Wild With Roxi
    Wild With Roxi Pathways
    Your dog in your profile picture is stunning!
  2. Philtim
    Proud daddy to this little stunner
  3. DogLover1981
  4. DogLover1981
  5. DogLover1981
  6. DogLover1981
    DogLover1981 agrumpycow
    Cute avatar. :)
  7. DogLover1981
    DogLover1981 Sarah1983
    1. Sarah1983
      Boo back at ya :D
      Oct 4, 2018
  8. Treaclesmum
    Treaclesmum Ali71
    Hi Ali, thanks for the My Star offer! What flavours do you have? :)
    1. Ali71 likes this.
    2. Ali71
      Hello :) I have Veal and Turkey Mousses (and possibly some chicken somewhere) . We've not had the chunks in gravy. Mine love them - if you want me to send you a couple let me know!! :)
      Sep 30, 2018
    3. Treaclesmum
      Hi, thanks so much for the kind offer, however I have today already placed an order for 30 x 90g the saver pack! Fingers crossed! :)
      Sep 30, 2018
  9. Mrs Funkin
    Mrs Funkin
    Nothing. Nothing at all.
  10. Dingle
    Dingle petforum
    Good afternoon... long time no speak, I hope you and yours are all well. Regards Darren
  11. Dingle
    Well its been a while ;)
  12. westie~ma
    westie~ma Summer26
    Did you want your username changing?
    1. Summer26 likes this.
    2. Summer26
      Yes please
      Sep 12, 2018
    3. Summer26
      Can it be Summer26 please
      Sep 12, 2018
  13. danielled
    danielled LinznMilly
    1. LinznMilly likes this.
    2. LinznMilly
      Done. Thanks for the heads up. :)
      Sep 3, 2018
      danielled likes this.
    3. danielled
      Not a problem. Anytime.
      Sep 5, 2018
  14. KoolK
    ❤️ Snowy's mummy ❤️
  15. samuelsmiles
    samuelsmiles lymorelynn
    Hello lymorelynn. I've mailed to ask for my account to be deleted twice but haven't had a reply. One thread in dog chat clearly intends to mock previous posters in earlier threads. I agree with every word I made in that thread, but the intention is to mock. I really don't have the energy to reply in the thread and have things close to me that are far more serious right now. Please delete my account or tell how to.
  16. Mrs Funkin
    Mrs Funkin
    Human mother to Oscar
    1. Sofiya Panfilova likes this.
  17. DaisyBluebell
    DaisyBluebell SusieRainbow
    . Up to date injection confirmation required as well as Kennel Cough.
    Check out the Halam place & then check out Nic's place. At least you have a couple of recommended alternative now.
    1. SusieRainbow likes this.
  18. DaisyBluebell
    DaisyBluebell SusieRainbow
    If Nic is not there for any reason, then her husband Pete is there (retired Police inspector) & I would trust either of them with my dogs any day. Importantly she has years of experience & is great if your dogs needs medication/injections.
    1. SusieRainbow likes this.
  19. DaisyBluebell
    DaisyBluebell SusieRainbow
    . Also an enclosed large grass area for them at back of the kennels. More importantly she does late night pee let out not closed in after a last pee at 9pm as per some places.
    1. SusieRainbow
      Yes, that does seem a good idea as Tango does like a bed-time wee.
      Aug 27, 2018
  20. DaisyBluebell
    DaisyBluebell SusieRainbow
    I live in Elston, my friend Nicole owns Woodlands Boarding Kennels, Fosse Road, Farndon, NG24 3SE Her kennels are all underfloor heated individually & the radio is on during the day, although not posh, they are warm and comfortable. She is up at 6am to let them into their runs. there is also a large run outside for quick pee/poos & late night 'out's before bet down.
    1. SusieRainbow
      That souds perfect, I'll explore that, thank you so much !
      Aug 27, 2018
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