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  1. FeelTheBern
    FeelTheBern MiffyMoo
    Welcome back!
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  2. danielled
    danielled SusieRainbow
    Well it must be broken. The whole reason I had my vitamin D tested in the first place was due to hair loss and vitamin D was low through the floor. That was the reason for the hair loss last time hence how I know now it is low again. They told me to have another blood test in 3 months which tells me they are doubting the results too.
  3. danielled
    danielled SusieRainbow
    Not the staff. The actual equipment in the lab is broke.
  4. Noralee Orta
    Noralee Orta
    My luna so far is 43 days pregnant Can't wait for it to be over it
  5. danielled
    danielled SusieRainbow
    Thanks for that link. Trying hard to have that smear is as good as I can do and I still failed because it was so painful.
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  6. DogLover1981
    DogLover1981 Goldstar
    Still around on here? :)
  7. danielled
    danielled Biffo
    I’m having a break from trying that again as doctor will apparrantly want to see me again about my vitamin D so will ask then about getting it done with sedation. Plus I’d like to know why one surgical scar in paticular is giving me pain. Meant to ask today but forgot due to the shock and pain.
    1. Biffo
      It can be very distressing. But I think you made a really good start and have tried. The next time you talk about it ask them about numbing gel, that might help. But the fact that you've tried it and you know what to expect now might help. Would something like diazepam as a muscle relaxant help? It sounds like your nurse is really good, so I'm sure she'll help you get there.
      Mar 15, 2018
    2. danielled
      I will still be trying again. I will have a word.
      Mar 15, 2018
  8. Noralee Orta
    Noralee Orta
    Can a dog pregnant with 44days get a x ray done
    1. Rafa
      I doubt it. It would probably require a sedative or anaesthetic, which wouldn't be a good idea. She can be scanned.
      Mar 13, 2018
  9. Noralee Orta
    Noralee Orta
    What brand is good for de worming shorkie pregnant and if i go to a pet store to get purchase
    1. Rafa
      For a pregnant bitch, you should use only a wormer prescribed by your Vet.
      Mar 13, 2018
  10. Sassy'sMom
    Any ladies with a fun sense of humor that loves to chat about their fur or feathered babies that's also wanting friends send me a message.
  11. diefenbaker
    Tapping the glass
  12. Jessica2017
    .My cat is going to have 4 kittens and the vet said she looks good
  13. Jessica2017
    Jessica2017 catcoonz
    They are 2 diff cats this time one from my last liller and my friend give me her cat and I just been helping in my kids school but all my cats are fix now but the one who is going to have kittens
  14. Jessica2017
    Jessica2017 lymorelynn
    Yes I kind of forgot what everyone said to me last year bevaus I never been on this page since yesterday and I trying looking for my old post but I could not find it but thanks I would never said anything bad
  15. Anders-James
    Anders-James Marcia
    Gorgeous profile pic, I have a soft spot for Collies. Boy or girl?
    1. Marcia
      Boy, he’s my world and collies are definitely my favourite breed
      Mar 6, 2018
  16. dorrit
    walking a different path
  17. kimthecat
    kimthecat MiffyMoo
    Hurry back. We're missing you!
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  18. danielled
    danielled NaomiM
    You know when you said your pleco died? Well there goes mine too. Found him about 10 minutes ago. I say 5 on the thread because at the time I posted that thread we did find him 5 minutes ago.
  19. FeelTheBern
    FeelTheBern MiffyMoo
    Where are you?
    1. MilleD
      I've been wondering this too.
      Mar 1, 2018
    2. FeelTheBern
      It's been a month now.
      Mar 1, 2018
  20. cava14 una
    cava14 una Whompingwillow
    You're back ,:-D
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    2. Whompingwillow
      I was going into a transformation from vip to newbie, that's all ;) I hope you can see how much the tent you got them is loved
      Feb 24, 2018