Working for an animal charity in India

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm hoping to go to India next January to work with a charity called Tree of Life for Animals. It is run by a UK vet nurse and they do a lot of excellent work with street animals including Rabies vaccination, spay/neuter clinics and medical/surgical treatments for injured or diseased animals.
    I am currently going into my final year at Edinburgh vet school and I have been having difficulty raising the funds I need. I am earning money bit by bit but I was hoping to spread awareness of this wonderful charity and at the same time give my fundraising a little boost.
    £1 or £2 would make a difference, over half of the money raised goes directly to the charity and every bit helps. Here is my GoFundMe page if anyone is interested in helping: -

    Vet student charity trip by Laura Dunn - GoFundMe

    I would also recommend checking out their website (TOLFA) as they take on volunteers from any background to work at their animal shelter in India. From what I've heard it is a fantastic experience!

    Many thanks,