Whenis the best time to test HUU your dog?

Discussion in 'Dog Health and Nutrition' started by Ariana1985, Jun 29, 2013.

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    Hi guys ,its been a very long time since i last wrote .
    Im not sure if this is the best thread for this but i got a question -when is the best time to HUU test a dog? ( puppy , adult ?) will test last forever ?
    i know its a silly question , but since i was telling one of my friends who kept 2 bitch puppies for breeding :rolleyes: (they are KC registered) i mentioned to her the importance of health testing -her question was -can she health test a puppy -so she dont have to do it later in life ?
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    I have no idea what HUU is but every test is different. Some have to be done after a certain age, some have to be done annually and some last for ever.
    What breed is the dog and what tests does she need.
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    Hyperuricosuria that causes stone formation in the urine is a DNA test, as its autosomal recessive inherited from both parents then both parents would have to be tested. its a DNA test so I should imagine they can test at any age.

    The following links should help with more information Lanboklin are one of the labs that do it in the UK, there is lots of info on their website that should help.

    LABOKLIN (UK)|Genetic Diseases | Dogs| Hyperuricosuria (HUU, SLC)

    The KC have more info on it in the Bulldog although I know its not the only breed to suffer breeds that can have it are listed on the Laboklin link.

    DNA screening Bulldogs - HUU - The Kennel Club

    ETA as its a DNA test and will establish straight away if the dog is clear, carrier or affected you will only need to do it once in their life.