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    Well, what an exhausting weekend, it started at 3.30pm on Friday when we left to set up the show hall, a 1½ hour journey that took us 3 hours due too traffic on the M25 :confused:, got there around 6.30pm and set up the hall and left around 9.40pm'ish, getting home near on 11pm, then up in the morning and cats packed in car and off at 5.15am :eek: But the day was good everything went very smoothly and we got so many positive comments about the show and all comments around the forums seem great.

    We had 3 cats in competition, Bobbt, our old show boy. bought out of retirement specially for this show, he did good, he won his Olympian class, not bad for an old boy, Jack our Pet Pedigree Ragdoll, he also got the Olympian for his class and other than the BOB had a Red card day, Abby our young girl she got 3rd out of 3:( but did okj in her side classes:thumbup1:

    Our first show ans we had 75 cats entered in all it was a great day and thanks too all that came to the show:thumbup1:

    Here are a few pics of the weekend.
    TRCS show pictures by Rambos8 - Photobucket
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    The photos are great, looks like you had a great day Steve.

    Sorry I didnt get to it :(

    Let me know when you hold another show there - I can supply tea and cake for when you finish setting up next time :D
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    Well done to all those who showed and particularly to the show team/committee and volunteers who worked so hard to make the day go so well.