support for Megan, our cat recently diagnosed with adenocarcinoma

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    Hello, this is my first time of posting here so I'm hoping I'm doing it right?!
    My cat Megan is 11 years old and had been off her food for approximately a week (we were away while this was going on and she and her sister were being fed by a neighbour so we weren't sure of exactly how little she was eating).
    I took her to the vets on Wednesday when they checked her over and found a satsuma sized growth on her lower intestine which they diagnosed as an adenocarcinoma.
    They didn't think she would respond well to further testing or surgery and gave her a steroid injection. This perked her up for a while and she was able to eat some food. She still wants to be stroked and petted, but her back legs are a bit wobbly today and she's spending most of her time in a little den type area I've made up for her in our front room.
    The vet then prescribed a course of oral steroids and a pain medicine called buprecare.
    I know that she doesn't have much time left and don't want her to suffer, but just wondered if any of you had any advice for anything we could try to help her. She's very loved and we've been shocked by the diagnosis to be honest.
    Many thanks in advance