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    hi new to this my cat has lost his hair down his back and around his tail took him to the pdsa and they said he was an over licker but it is getting worse and i dont no what to do he is an in door cat please help thanks
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    I can't really give any advice as I'm new to all of this BUT I would suggest that, if possible, you take a photo of your cat and upload into this thread so that others far more experienced will be able to comment. It's much easier to tell if they can see what you are talking about.

    Hope all can be resolved.
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    Hi @mandywhitfield, have you changed anything? One reason that a cat could overlick could be due to stress, you could try getting a feliway - it's a calming plug in for cats that calms them (there's also a spray too) Is there any chance he may of been injured or have you added something (flea treatment etc) that may not have agreed with him? (I'm not sure this would affect anything, but it could of irritated him if so?)
    As @Temporally_Loopy said if you take a picture the more experienced members may be able to help you - however I do think you should take him to a vet just to rule out any medical problems, they will be able to direct you in the right direction.
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