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    my little chihuahua was speyed last Monday, she was fine but groggy that night and ate scrambled egg, Tuesday she was sick 18 times, stopped at 7am Wednesday, was sick again Wednesday night then sick on Thursday morning. I took her to the vets on Thursday as she was lying sleeping most of the time, only moving when I took her out to the toilet. The vet gave her a painkilling injection as well as anti sickness one, I took her home, she slept for a while, then lay looking about her, I settled her down for the night, she never moved at all, I took her back to the vet as she was neither eating or drinking since Monday. They have had her as an in patient since, she's still quite lifeless, refusing to eat, on the drip with pain meds. The vet is saying that she has pancreatitis as well as an underlying infection, he's adamant it's got nothing to do with her speying but I'm very doubtful. I don't know how much longer she can go on without eating, I'm at my wits end. Other things concerned me, the vet said she had no temp but the nurse slipped up that she had, also said she had no further bouts of vomitting again the nurse slipped up about this, when I challenged her she tried to say that she had got her notes mixed up with another dog, but she's been the only inpatient, please advise
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    Normally, a bitch would not react this way after a spay.

    It is usual for them to be groggy and unwilling to eat the day of the operation, but what you're describing is not what I would expect.

    There is something amiss in my opinion and, if you're not happy with what your Vet is telling you and particularly that he and his Nurse are giving conflicting information, I would take your bitch to another Vet.
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    If she's on a drip and not eating I would say, they would also be giving her replacement fluids intravenously.

    If she doesn't eat, and vets will no doubt try, then syringe feed the final stage would be tube feeding with a permanent tube. This is not for the faint hearted and is only done as a last resort, so I am sure your vets are doing everything they can.

    It is not beyond on the relams of possibility the anaesthetic caused a reaction and like humans, made your chihuahua vomit afterwards, just like humans. However this would not account for the other symptoms...your vet has given you two diagnosis. One being the pancreatitis, the other being infection.
    Infections can occur quickly after operations, however usually for an infection to cause this much problem it is probably more than likely your dog had already the infection in her system prior to her operation and its more coincidence than anything this has peaked along with the pancreatitis which onset, can be quite harrowing.
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    You can get acute (sudden bouts of pancreatitis) which means that the pancreas is inflamed and that will cause things like not eating, abdominal pain, vomiting etc.
    There are tests to confirm pancreatitis, there is an in house snap test that will test positive or negative only and a more finite test which tells you more. I'm assuming they have done it and confirmed it is pancreatitis? Sometimes certain drugs can even cause pancreatitis in susceptible dogs. I think abdominal trauma might sometimes cause it too.

    I noticed the vet said that she has infection too? Have they told you the nature of the infection, the incision site can get infected, but have they said if its this or if there may be some kind of internal or systemic infection.
    With certain types of abdominal surgery I know you can get an infection called peritonitis which is when bacterial infection gets into the abdominal cavity, but I'm not sure if its possible or common problem with spaying, or not when they spaying is normal and straightforward, but perhaps if there is complications in particular it may well be possible that it can happen with spaying. Have they run all the normal bloods to check her out and see if that tells them anything like her kidneys and liver function etc is OK and working normally? If she has got a fever/high temperature then that's often a sign of infection.

    Not knowing what they have done and what they haven't to check out whats causing it, its hard to say.
    There is a complaints procedure but first off you have to usually complain to the practice owner or head first, and then if you don't get any joy you can then begin to take it further. Although hundreds probably more spays and neuters are done in the course of a normal working week mostly without incident or complications it is of course possible that occasionally you will get some, as you can occasionally with anaesthesia itself.

    Normally if a poster said they are not getting any joy with a particular vet or a dog is not responding to treatment I would say seek a second opinion, but if she is as ill as you say and cant be moved then I really don't know what to suggest in this case.