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Discussion in 'Horse Health and Nutrition' started by jessegee, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. jessegee

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    Mar 21, 2011
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    I am looking into buying a 12hh shetland cross driving pony, after owning horses years ago

    He would live in grass livery only , and I'm trying to add up the costs of

    Barefoot trimming
    Initial vet test exam

    I am out of touch with prices , especially in Surrey, can anyone suggest how much its likely to cost?

  2. sullivan

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    Aug 29, 2008
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    my friend once said it costs her around four thousand pounds a yr.
  3. daniellla

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    Aug 5, 2011
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    mislim da uopste nisu jeftini..cak sta vise skupi su:D
  4. momentofmadness

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    Jul 19, 2008
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    I would allow for stabling in your costs.. also it depends what area you live in re costs.. I wouldn't keep a shetty cross out at grass 24/7 risk of Lammy
  5. jessegee

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    Mar 21, 2011
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    Thanks, luckily he has a grass muzzle, so he can go out with the others

  6. toffee44

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    Oct 21, 2011
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    This is me roughly with good doer 14.1 h welsh cob x (my other two are at home so dont pay out too much)

    DIY (no school) 85pcm My old grass keep in kent was 70 pcm
    Shoes 70 every 8 weeks, trims for my others are 22
    Worming £8-£12 every 8-12 weeks depending on what wormer
    Hay 5.50 per blale, use about 1 and a 1/4 a week.
    Shavings 7 per bale use one a week after initial bed.
    Teeth 35 once a year
    Jabs 60 once a year (I always join in a group call out for jabs or take horse up to the vets in trailer)
    I dont hard feed
    Insurance £25 a month

    (Im chichester)

    I spend probably at least £20 on bits and pieces like hoof oil, first aid kit, likits, etc

    IF your keeping shettie out try and have a small corner to use as a sin bin or starvation paddock. So that in the summer months you can put him/her in there and the first frosts are renowned to causing lami attacks. I dont know many people who stable shetties but they need somewhere to go that has very and I mean very little grass.
  7. Popularfurball

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    Nov 9, 2011
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    I don't know livery prices in Surrey but up here (Manchester) this is what it costs me for my 12hh pony - excluding her extortionate vet bills due to skin problems.

    £20 per week for stable/grazing inc use of outdoor school
    £35 every 8 weeks for feet
    If only one I would worm count (£10ish?) twice yearly and worm for tapes and encysted worms twice yearly approx £16 per wormer
    Plus a tack allowance of £40 per month (rugs, creams, fly sprays, tack, head collars, feed - I get through one bag of speed beet every two months)
    Vet bills of about £100 for call out/exam/vaccinations
    Teeth at £50 annually or twice annually
    Probably back person twice - three times a year at £40-60
    Hoof boots at £100 per pair every 8months or so.

    I would also be prepared to have a stable for pony, my welshy and shet don't cope out 24/7 - and they are muzzled - even now!
  8. keeleyjane19

    keeleyjane19 Guest

    I have a 15hh cob and a miniature shetland, I pay:

    15hh cob:

    £11 per month insurance
    £80 per month rent for grazing etc
    £45 every 6 weeks for front shoes and trim
    £35 every 6 months for dentist (my horse is old so requires the dentist more often)
    £40 (approx) hard feed

    Minature Shetland:

    £20 per month insurance
    £350 for gelding
    £40 a month rent for grazing etc..
    £20 every 6 weeks trim
    £35 every 6 months dentist (he is young so needs more regularly)
    £10-£15 hard feed (approx)

    Between them both:

    £40 a month hay
    £8 every 2 weeks - feed supplements
    Carrots - bags £3.50 each and get through approx 3 a month.
    £120 - both their yearly vaccinations including call out feed

    PLUS unexpected vet bills!

    And any rugs, equipment (feed buckets) that need replacing over time!!

    So the £4000 a year is about right!!! xx
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  9. keeleyjane19

    keeleyjane19 Guest

    I forgot worming too!! xx
  10. jessegee

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    Mar 21, 2011
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    I realise how all those costs add up!
    I underestimated how much it would cost, I have had my little fella for 5 months now, and we have had the vet 3 times, but I love him to bits and dont regret it for a minute
    It'd be nice if he didnt keep poking himself in the eye tho :001_rolleyes:

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