Outdoor to Indoor cat: constant complaining

Discussion in 'Cat Training and Behaviour' started by Squigglyo, Jul 5, 2012.

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    Jul 5, 2012
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    My cat got himself into trouble (sleeping on strangers beds) and as such i have been forced to make him a 100% indoor cat (if he gets outside he disappears for months).

    Most things are fine, he eats, sleeps, toilets just fine. But mainly during the night time, he yowls at the window. He will open the window (damn smart cat) and climb up the flyscreen (this has broken many things as well as cut his paws a few times).

    If there anything i can do to make him like being inside a bit more? He's not a playful cat he's more of a 'im sleeping leave me alone' kinda cat. I give him tinned meat sometimes and he loves that, other than that i dont really know how else to make him happier with his current situation.

    He's been forced to be inside for about a month now.
    I have two cats, only the bigger older one is complaining
    I also have a 6 month old puppy, the cat was very against the dog at the start but they seem to get on now.
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    Your cat does not sound like a happy cat at all:( I agree you do need to find some way of making him happier.

    I am curious as to why he would want to disappear for months when he gets out. Cats who do that are sometimes *voting with their feet* because they are unhappy at home for some reason, e.g. maybe not getting along with other cats or dogs in the household.

    The fact you say he has been found "sleeping on strangers' beds" would add to the suspicion that he is not very happy at home. Sorry:(

    It could also be that one of your neighbours mistakenly assumed your cat was a stray and fed him. You could deter that by putting a snap-on collar on him that says "Please Do Not Feed". They can be bought online.

    I am wondering how many different neighbours houses he has got into and slept on their beds? I assume he gets in through their catflaps? I daresay it is probably a couple of houses at most, and really it is up to the owners of the house(s) to make sure strange cats cannot get in. As there has been a problem with your cat getting in, they should have microchip catflaps fitted, and as it might help with good neighbourly relations then I would (in your shoes) offer to share the cost of the catflaps with them. That way everyone benefits -- you, your cat, the neighbour, their cats, and everyone gets along fine.

    If your cat's reason for disappearing for months is that he doesn't like sharing his home with your other cats or the dog, then nothing you do for him indoors is going to make much difference, and by shutting him indoors you are just going to make his life unbearable to him..

    Personally I think it is very hard to make an outdoor cat become a totally indoor cat, and I am unsure it is the right thing to do, unless the cat is fully accepting of it of course.

    You could spend money on an indoor cat activity centre/climbing frame, and
    maybe your cat would enjoy it. But you say he is not interested in playing when indoors, just wants to sleep, so I am not sure cat activity centres are going to make much difference to him.

    Sounds like what he loves is eating, sleeping, and wandering around his outdoor territory -- just like most cats.:)

    Tbh, if I were you I would try and find some way of allowing him to continue doing what makes him happy.:)
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    Feb 6, 2012
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    My old cat, Thomas, was always been an outdoor cat, he pretty much lived outdoors during the summer, coming indoors during the cold wet months. Whenever I had to keep him in for a few days, he would alternate between trying to get out - I had to barricade the catflap - and lying curled up looking morose. Like yours, he only came awake for feeds. He absolutely hated being confined. I don't know how you turn an outdoor cat into an indoor cat, unless they suddenly develop a preference for being indoors, as mine did in his later years when all the external excitements got too much for him.
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    Has your cat been neutered? if not, it could be a reason he wants to wander or as already said, he is looking for a new home. I kept our cat in for two weeks when I first got her, because I didn't want her to go out and not find her way back. By the end of that two weeks, she was swishing her tale at everyone and scratching anyone who came near her.

    I don't think it is fair to even try to keep a cat inside unless it wants to be inside.
  5. Lel

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    Mar 21, 2012
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    How about a cat proofed garden or an out door run? I realise it's not possible for everyone as I can't do it but it might give him a balance of being outdoors but safe?