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Discussion in 'Ferrets' started by Christine Vigus, Apr 10, 2017.

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    I have four males who are castrated and one female. I have recently received a new ferret Eli who has been in a car accident and is deaf and lost one eye and has also been castrated. The others have accepted him except one gimli who is being very rough which is unusual behaviour for him. I am worried about how much stress i can put Eli under as he has such a rough time. Any help would be appreciated.

    Also Eli was spoiled by the vets and won't eat biscuits only cat food any ideas on how to swap him over will be good! Thanks
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    How rough is Gimil being, exactly? If he's not drawing blood and Eli is not pooing/peeing in fear, then he may well be ok as they will be establishing dominance and I'd expect it to settle down in time. If there's blood or fear poo/pee and squealing, then you should step in and separate them immediately, then reintroduce very, very slowly, with lots of scent swapping in between introductions. They may just never get along, but it's worth trying very slowly, over a matter of weeks & months. @Frolicking Ferrets has some good videos showing the different types of ferret fighting, to help you figure out what sort it is.

    Regarding swapping food, you may find food from your hands is seen as a treat, so start by feeding little bits by hand, gradually moving your hands towards the bowl until he will take it from the bowl. It may take a number of meals to get him to recognise it as food. What cat food is he on? Some types are a lot worse than others - they're not even good for cats! If it's mostly meat with little or no carbs & sugar, he may actually be ok on it if you can't get him to switch.

    Best to get all of them eating at least some raw, if you can. Whole prey like day-old chicks (they come frozen) are good for their digestion & teeth, but even just small pieces of raw meat will do them good. The best diet for ferrets is a whole prey, raw one, but that's not practical or convenient for everyone. I feed kibble as a base, with raw to supplement whenever possible.
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    You might find this thread helpful for the fighting issue. P.S I never got around to making the third video on how to separate them if they get far too rough...... Whoops.
    As your newbie is deaf, he is likely to be more vocal so if he makes a lot of noise I wouldn't be surprised, so don't worry too much about any noise he may make. As long as there isn't fur flying around, fear toileting, or bleeding due to bites, leave them too it as they'll sort it amongst themselves. If there is fur flying, fear poop or any bleeding, separate them and try introducing them the next day in a neutral environment, give them a bath together so they smell the same, treats they can have together can be a good way to get ferrets to get along too.

    As for getting him off cat food and onto ferret food, mix them together and wean the cat food away slowly, or the better option would be to try him with raw meats if the cat food he eats is wet food.
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