Mys; the strange cat from Norway!

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    Dec 11, 2011
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    Hello anipals! Me and my 1,5 year old norwegian forestcat is new on the forum, and wanted to introduce ourselves :)

    My name is Trine, an 18 year old girl from Norway. I live in Voss with my cute cat Mys :) He has a big personality and does lot of strange things which I always videotape! He has a really strange behaviour, which u can see in the videos. He goes into a deep sleeping coma when he sleeps, he makes strange sounds when he see birds, he is extremely smart and lovable. Therefore I've made a YouTube account for him to show off his videos, and a fan-page for him on Facebook :)

    If you want to get to know us; please visit his account on YouTube: mysemys's Channel - YouTube
    or go to our fan-page on FB: Mys the Cat | Facebook :)

    I am also a hobby photographer, and I love photographing cats; so if you love cats; you'll love my gallery :) I post pictures on the fan-page almost every day!

    Love, TK and Mys :kittyball