My cats appetite has increased dramatically

Discussion in 'Cat Health and Nutrition' started by tomdorrian, Nov 4, 2011.

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    My cat seems to be eating more and I don't understand why as she is on go cat and whiskers dry food and until a week ago she had 40g per day split into two meals a day and this seemed to satify her, but over the last 5 days she has been wanting more as when she has finished her breakfast around 8am she stands at the kitchen door meowing to get in and then when she is let in definatly stands at her food cupboard until I feed her more. When she has her evening meal around 4pm (20g) again when she has finished this she wants more and then during the early hours of the morning she wakes up at 4:50am to 5:30am meowing wanting food as well. She has been on various other foods but she seems to only like go cat and whiskers and has been on this since 10 months old. I have tried her on wet food as well but she only likes sheba and tended to scoff two 100g trays of this daily when I was feeding her this, all other wet food I tried her on she turned her nose up to and wouldn't eat it.

    My question is, is she wanting more because she is growing up as she is 2 years and 6 months old as it just seems weird her appetite has increased suddenly? She is an indoor cat as well but has alot of burstful energy where she plays alot and weighs 4kg but a month ago was 3.8kg.
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    An increased appetite can be sign of an underlying health issue albeit considering she is a young cat this means many of the possible issues are unlikely (but not certain).

    I have to say that 40g a day is very little for an average size cat and so it's not all that suprising she's hungry, what is the recommended amount on the box? I suspect it is about 70g, I would increase the amount to what is recommended and go from there. Of course a better quality food with a higher meat content would help satisfy her hunger better too.
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    Dunno! cant only suggest you see a vet! mine had the same problem! and it was due to a thyroid problem but he is 17.
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    Hi, I have just looked at the box and have seen that perhaps I am feeding her to little and she is hungry and she should be on between 60g to 70g.
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    She has recently been to the vet (12th October) and was medically examined and I was told she is perfectly fit and healthy. I think it is just a simple case of I have been under feeding her. My fault.
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    The onset of cooler weather always seems to make mine more hungry as well--even though they're indoor cats.
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    Yeah, 40g does seem very little. Glad you have now seen where you are going wrong :D

    My two are fed wet only and they can eat 600g a day each easily :D