Is sheba cat food good for cats?

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    I recently changed my cats diet after realising that hills science plan dry food was making my cat put weight on and not loose it? I have tried her on various dry food diets and all she has done is put weight on and not loose it. She has also been tried on whiskers wet food but she woke up one day and turned her nose up and refused to eat any of the various favours I had for her. I put her on sheba and she loves it. Is sheba good for cats? She is also more affectionate and active on sheba.

    Thanks for any advice.
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    Wet food is better all round than dry food, as the grains in dry food are not good, and can cause weight gain due to the carbs which you have found out.

    Sheba is not great nutritionally, neither is whiskas really (nor hills!)

    Best ones are german/swedish brands in general available from zooplus. Good wet brands include grau, smilla, bozita and animonda carny :)
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    most 'diet' pet foods are high in carbs - which is stupid really as a cat is an obligate carnivore - their digestive tract is simply not designed to deal with cereal in bulk.

    try to move onto a grain free diet that is high in meat, a semi-good budget option is Butchers Classic which is essentially the same as much of the Bozita range and can be bought in most supermarkets/pets at home

    there's also Nature's Menu I believe that's grain free

    and those mentioned above of course
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    The problem with the likes of Sheba is that they don't divulge the information required for the consumer to interpret the quality of the food. Personally I suspect that some varieties are better than others, I feed my cat a variety of brands with the Sheba Terrines being one. The ingredients in the Terrine's being Meat and Animal derivatives (chicken min 4%), Minerals. Considering the ingredients and the macro nutrient profile (which from memory is well balanced) I am relatively happy that they contain a decent meat content (although I suspect this will be more offal than muscle meat) and most importantly they are one of my cats favourites. Other varieties contain cereals (usually small amounts in the gravy varieties) and those in jelly or gravy will also have a lower meat content. I imagine the ordinary pouches to be on a par with the likes of Whiskas etc.

    For the money there are undoubtedly better quality, better declared foods but if your cat really likes them like mine does I would have no concerns in feeding it whastsoever.
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    As Ali82 says, there is some variation in the Sheba offering with some containing cereals, others don't, with some being complementary foods and others being complete. So, read the labels ;)

    I personally wouldn't feed it as I like to know what I feed my cats and Sheba hides behind opaque labels and proprietary information excuses, which isn't good enough for me.
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    I'm showing age now but my first cat was fed on food cut from a slab. There was little choice back then, but then along came Kitty Cat and I still wouldn't reacomend it.
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    What the others say. With Hobbs' wonderful work in the health & nutrition forum and reading other sources I have come to the conclusion that 98% or what they sell in supermarkets is, basically, overpriced unhealthy crap.

    You have to go looking at either proper pet shops or online for quality food and they usually cost less than the big brand stuff.

    Take a wander over to the other forum and read up on the info posted by Hobbs and others - lots of good stuff.
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