Ideas for reptiles?

Discussion in 'Lizards' started by Fishyfins, Apr 16, 2017.

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    Hey there reptilites! Just poking my head out of the fish section briefly, and looking for advice.

    Me and my partner recently bought an aquastyle 620T aquarium, which we were going to use for marine fish (I have 6 years experience working in the marine trade). However, we recently thought about the possibility of using it for a reptile instead. I have little experience with reptiles beyond my tortoise, and wanted to know whether there are any that can be kept in aquariums such as this, provided they have the right heating and lighting? We can replace the top of the aquarium with mesh, and can easily sort out correct heat and light sources for them. The 620T is a tall aquarium, measuring 62cm long, 72 tall and 40 wide. Roughly 130L (30 gallons approx).
    So, is this aquarium suitable for reptiles, and if so, are there any species you would recommend?