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    Ok, for those who don't venture into dog chat.

    One of my dogs received a DNA test at Christmas. I'm using this as a way of fundraising for the charity; Stray Aid, who saved him from almost certainly being put to sleep.

    You see, those who don't know, Solomon came to be a very nervous, fear aggressive dog. This was after 1-2 months of careful work with him. Sol is still fairly scared in a lot of situations, especially of people. However in the nearly 2 years I've had him, his confidence has grown and his trust has grown. Fair enough he's never going to be a dog I can take into crowds (of non dog people) but he's getting there.

    Looking back at how he was, had someone other than the charity taken him on, he'd have most likely ended up at the vets for a final time.

    So - because they're not a well known charity. I'm raising funds so they can help more dogs, like Sol. Who might not get given the chance if they cannot take them.

    It's pretty simple. You look at the photos of him, guess what he is and donate.

    All details and more about the charity are in the link below.