Fighting Zebra Finches?

Discussion in 'Bird Breeding' started by Ciarraibleu, Aug 5, 2016.

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    Aug 5, 2016
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    I have had finches years ago, had lots of babies, no problems ever. I decided I missed having finches and requested two for my birthday. I have a huge cage for them, lots of light too.
    I picked out the female myself, a pretty white brown one and she was perfect.
    My daughter in law's aunt has finches and she had a little zebra male who was being picked on by Goldian female finches so they gave him to me.
    2 seconds in the cage with my female and he ravished her, lol. I don't think she was too impressed, but they started building up their nest. But they also started fighting...more and more. I've also seen her chasing him away from food for a couple of days, but she soon stopped that.
    Now 3 months have passed and he snaps his beak at her, she crashes around the cage berating him and every morning he is in the food dish alone instead of sleeping in the nest.
    What gives? Why can't they like each other?