Fear Grin?

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Emmaeric, May 19, 2017.

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    Hi Eric on armchair.jpg eric and molly.jpg
    I have fostered a fear aggressive german spitz. Working with a behaviourist..and boy it is hard work.. avoidance to start.. so 5 am walks..and no people/dogs in house other than me and my son and the resident lab just while he chills out then we will work on introducing others...My question is.. Eric ( spitz) today has grinned ( not growled) at my son ( who he seems to love) twice..both times with high wagging tail and then a drop to a friendly stretch... I am trying to work out if it is a fear grin?

    Anyone have experience of this? Will ask behaviourist but thought someone on hear may know

    Thanks :)
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    Welcome to PF.:)
    it doesnt sound like a fear grin to me in context . I would ask this in the Dog behaviour section where you get more answers.

    This dog here is fearful
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    I haven't got experience with German spitz but I and friends have got and have had various members of the spitz group of dogs, and some of them in particular are known for their "grin" which tends to be a happy relaxed thing and communication, not seeing what he did though I obviously cant guarantee it was what it was. However as you have also said he also had high tail wagging and then dropped to a friendly stretch each time too, and by that if you mean he went down on his front legs at the elbows with him bottom in the air?
    Then that sounds like a play bow which dogs do (to other dogs too) when they want to play and interact, its often used as an invitation for interaction and play. The spitz breeds or most of them tend to have a high tail set anyway or should even though some spitz breeds tail set then curls over the back, which Samoyeds do and german spitz I'm pretty sure do too, so the high tail and wagging also sounds put together with the other things, that from what you say doesn't sound like fear in fact the opposite, they sound more like inviting interaction and play.

    Obviously as said we cant see him and what he did exactly in the situations and I would still speak to your behaviourist as has seen him and can watch him and confirm when he does it.
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    Hi and welcome