Cats in Thailand, and Siamese

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    Taking this to a thread of its own as it was hijacking someone else's!

    I've been asked about cats in Thailand and as some know, I instigated the first ever study of them in their native land, in the 1990's. It was my idea after a casual meeting with Martin Clutterbuck, a long-time friend of one of my housemates, who stayed with us when on a UK trip (he has lived in Thailand for over 30 years).

    I did have masses of pics on my computer - some published, some not - but lost them when my computer died. However I do still have a webpage including some pics of one of my trips there:
    Encounters with a Wichien Maas

    For more info on cats in Thailand including street cats, I found this site, which clearly shows Siamese (and Burm + Tonk patterned street cats):
    Native Siamese Cats Today

    This site is also interesting, as the first academic study & translation of the ancient Cat Book Poems (Smud Khoi) was the cornerstone of mine & Martin's project, since he was trained in classical Thai literature:
    The Smud Khoi of cats - all the pictures
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    Thanks....i shall take a look.