Cat Food, want to know what you are feeding your cat?

Discussion in 'Cat Health and Nutrition' started by crofty, May 3, 2008.

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    Confused to try luxury or finest, luxury is cheaper though!
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    Hello everyone,

    I'm new here, but joined because I'm so interested about this thread. Like you guys I'm always concerned about what I'm feeding my cats (I have a half-Burmese ginger and white lady, spayed and an entire ginger tom). I love them to bits and I feed them a meat or meat mix usually with a cat biscuit (free-feeding) to supplement. Ideally, I'd like to come up with the best diet for them. The meats I give are either roast chicken, cooked/ raw fish (rarely raw)- including sardines, sprats and white fish, a meat mix made up of pig's liver, pig's kidneys and beef braising steak, tinned pilchards and very rarely tuna. I think that's it! It's very hard to come up with inspiration for new foods and I think they're getting bored. I do supplement their diets on occasion with Arla lactose-free milk (Lactofree - Say yes to dairy without the lactose) and sometimes, cheeses (either cheddar or soft cheese) and yoghurt. Rarely, they get ice cream :S (so naughty I know!!) If I'm eating something I know they can eat, I might give them a bit as a treat but this is rare cos usually, I'm having something veggie. But now and again they are very naughty and get a slice of pizza or if we have take-away, they get one piece of fried chicken each which I have nibble off the batter from. I know it's VERY naughty, but they get this only VERY rarely and only when we are out of good food for them. I also get them treats on occasion, they absolutely lose the plot for treat sticks (I get cheap ones from Lidl by Coshida/ Opticat) and the ingredients seem OK, not too bad.

    Some of the items I've listed above are completely fresh, some had been frozen previously. It's very hard to tell if something is completely fresh as a lot of supermarkets and butchers freeze meats and fish for transport, so I do what I can. I also cook the food for them mostly, which I know many people object to in line with the raw feeding thing. I guess I could feed them raw, I'm not too bothered either way, but they don't seem to like it as much. They eat raw fish, like whole sprats, but often drag them off round the house and leave them on my carpet half-chewed up, or only eat a bit and leave the rest, picking at it all day.

    My cats aren't too fussy but they like different things between them. Neither of them particularly like pork, which I guess is good because they shouldn't eat too much cooked fats. One of my cats, the entire male, is just soooo tiny but not underweight (I've been told by the vets he's healthy). But it does worry me that he's so fussy and he only likes junk food. I honestly try to feed him healthy but sometimes I just give him treats so he'll eat SOMETHING! I know this is bad because he'll learn if he holds out I might give him something else, but 9 times out of 10, I'm too lazy to get him something else or he doesn't have treats in the house, so he has to just suck it up and eat what he's got. In which case he has a nibble and minces off to do something else. Maybe he's full and he's supposed to be tiny but he does worry me sometimes, he is quite prone to eye problems and he had dandruff recently which has gone. I am hoping it was the sun and the eye problems because we used to live in a moldy house, so he has cleared up from both now. But I hope it's not his nutrition and think he would be sturdier if he could just eat more.

    Anyway, I'd love if you guys had any advice on spicing up their diet without compromising it. I don't like to feed them veg or rices because I don't believe they'd naturally have it. I will not feed them wet cat food as well because it goes right through them and makes them ill, but very rarely for a treat they can have a pouch. Also, I'm usually broke so I buy a lot of stuff on discount, just whatever they have out there which means sometimes they have rotisarry chicken or random meats for cheap (I have a freezer full of ox liver for 5p a pack! If you want these deals, try Morrissons just before they close, go around 8pm and they discount stuff). So yeah if you guys know any recipes or different types of food something they might not have tried but which is still quite cheap that would be great. There are only a few types of meat really so they get quite bored of beef or chicken. Like I said they won't eat fattier meats like pork and lamb.

    Also, how terrible is the pet food industry for being allowed to market these things to us as a healthy cat diet? And for shame on vets for promoting it. The number one cause of UTI is dry pet foods really and cereals, tsk tsk. It's a nightmare buying them food, even just cat biscuits. From what I can discern, this guy seems to have the right idea and his pet food is excellent, my cats do love the biscuits: Pets Kitchen - Experts in natural dog food and cat food, developed by Joe Inglis TV Vet but I get them these now because they're cheaper and have more taurine and calcium: Cookies Detecting!

    Also, what do you guys think of the Lidl Coshida and Opticat brands? Their cat litter is good for such a cheap price.

    OK and last point, cos I know I talk A LOT, is that male cats especially should have access to running water as they're more likely to drink it and it'll limit UTI so that is my advice or get a fountain. But I'm so bad I hate my cats going in the bathroom cos they have foot prints everywhere (and before they had fleas before I started using Advocate instead of RUBBISH Frontline), so how can I get them to drink out their bowls and not out of my cup of water which is exactly the same thing!!

    OK, OK, I'm going now!! xxx