Breeding alexandrine

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    Hi everyone I'm new and after some info,
    I have a pare of alexandrine I was told aged between 2/3 years there male (prince) and female (Julie) Iv had them now about a month or 2, I noticed they was trying to breed dancing etc, and the female (Julie) was trying to build a nest at the bottom of there cage so Iv gave them a nest box, earlie morning the female (Julie) will come out the box and (prince) the male will go to her ask her what's up then they will start dancing and try to breed however even though Julie is doing everything right prince just don't seem to get the gist of it he dose everything right except actually mating with her he dose what his got to do on the perch, and Julie gets annoyed with him and walks away from him, will he get the hang of it or dose he just prefer loving the perch lol
    Thank you everyone any advice is great fully received.