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    hey, y'all! :)

    the age of puppies is not always known, as rescues, shelter-pups + strays are a guesstimate;
    it is also POSSIBLE for breeders to (deliberately) mislead the puppy-buyer, in order to get rid
    of those troublesome poo-makers a week or two (or THREE :mad5:) early. :shocked: :eek:hmy:

    thus it behooves the wise puppy-shopper to have some idea what the teeth in pups at various ages
    should look like, and check the pups dentition to cross-check their progress as they grow + change.

    since pups of various ages have different needs (food, nutrients, care, exercise, vax...)
    and different abilities, it is important to be able to differentiate between infants + toddlers,
    toddlers + pre-teens, teens + young-adults.

    SO... an 8-WO puppy will have *all* their teeth EXCEPT their molars, top + bottom...
    all the incisors, all 4 canines, all pre-molars are present.
    adult incisors erupt between 3 to 5 mos;
    adult canines erupt between 4 to 6 mos;
    adult pre-molars usually erupt between 4 to 5 mos,
    and molars are last, between 5 to 7 mos age.

    there is also this useful CHART + Diagram -
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    --- terry