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    1. MilleD
      Hi just hoping that kira's mum is ok. Absolutely heartbroken for her and can't stop crying. Xx
    2. chillminx
      Hi hun, I hope all's well with you and the cats & kittens. :) Please let me know if you need cat food etc. You're missed on the forum :)
    3. Dace Strumpe
      Dace Strumpe
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      2. sarah16
        Hello i would like you to take care of 2 years old long hair cat too. Can I have your number?
        Jun 20, 2015
    4. huckybuck
      Thank you beautiful Snowy xxxxxx
    5. sarahecp
      Thanks for the rep hun :) xx

      I had a nice Birthday thanks :)

      Hope you're ok xx
    6. katnissmonkeyhairy
    7. sarahecp
      You're welcome hun :) xx and thank you :) I gave Roman extra cuddles this morning and told him one was for his auntie CC :) xxxx
    8. sarahecp
      Thanks for the rep hun :) xxxx
    9. Gillywilly
      Hi again,
      The message below is from Gill who took in Ginny the red Persian who is doing really well and settled in fine.
      I wanted to tell you Pandorawarlord hasn't been back on the forum as she lost her 17 year old cat who had a second stroke and died and she isn't coping at all well. She ask me to apologize for not answering you back ,but isn't up to coming on here at the moment. It was her suggestion to ask you about rehoming this cat . Hope you don't mind.
    10. Gillywilly
      I was told you may be able to help me with a cat I rescued.
      I took him from a rescue in Croatia as I was told he was a lovely friendly boy who would be a home loving cat .He has been severely abused , ( funny eyes and facial,scars) unfortunately this is not working out and I can't seem to get anywhere with the rescue . He is friendly for about a few mins, then he will nip you. He won't stay in the garden at all ( 6ft fence) ,all the way round. He is aggressive and nasty to the others and especially winston who is blind . He is possibly semi feral and just wants to be off wandering. He is going in people's houses and causing havoc .
      I have 5 placid Persians ,one ,Winston with health issues as well as not being able to see.
      I really cat cope anymore with this cat .
      I was told you may be able to,help by Pandorawarlord.
      If there is anyway you could help I would really appreciate it.
      He is ginger , neutered,and vaccinated .
      Thank you very much .
      Gill x
    11. Fluffable
      Hellooooooooo xxxxxxxxxx
    12. Ceiling Kitty
      Ceiling Kitty
      Hello, thanks! Always happy to offer general advice but of course cannot comment on specifics. :) xx
    13. lostbear
      And thank you for mine. :)
    14. vivien
      Thank you for my rep CC xx
    15. colliemerles
      thank you for my rep the other day,
    16. Chillicat
      Thank you for the rep. xx
    17. wicket
      Many thanks CC for sharing your experience on my breeding thread, has really helped me stop worrying so much xx
    18. Cheryl89
      Ah I know sweetie, but you really are one of a kind it's selfless people like you, lauren and sal that make me sooo happy in life xxxxxxxxx
    19. Sophiebee
      Thats brilliant, sylvesta is a stunner, hope they are all very happy in their new homes, can't wait until im in a position to take on a rescue baby myself (and as a friend for loki!)
    20. Sophiebee
      Hello, just thought id say i had a look at your facebook rescue page, was so lovely to see some more of all the cats you help, you do an amazing job!
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