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  1. GiveaDogaBoneUK
    #REWARDS #FOR #DONATIONS Buy something from our eBay page
  2. GiveaDogaBoneUK
  3. Bob Ford
    Bob Ford
    Very pleasant walking weather.
  4. Michebe
    Michebe westie~ma
    no problem :)
  5. westie~ma
    westie~ma Michebe
    Thanks, spam zapped
  6. westie~ma
    westie~ma urbantigers
    Thanks, spam zapped
  7. Natalieg43
    Free dog to a bad home
  8. anniem
    Hi all Im a well established breeder of Selkirk Rex but just wondred what age and what do they use for weaning young kittens
  9. Bob Ford
    Bob Ford
    Rain, Rain, Rain & more Rain!
  10. Nicnak
    Nicnak lullabydream
    Thank you for such an informative post regarding teddy! Very kind of you :)
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  11. moggie14
    moggie14 Jessica Hepworth
    I'm sorry you don't like my comments Jessica however I am speaking from experience. I do hope your boy is found safe and well but the odds are stacked against him.
    Not sure why you decided to be rude, it's a shame because people were just trying to be helpful.
  12. danielled
    danielled Adam Irwin
    Your dog bit for a reason, find that reason.
  13. leashedForLife
    leashedForLife SusieRainbow
    ??? -
    I posted a reference citation; i made no ref whatever to the TOPIC of the former thread, this is a separate subject. O.o
  14. danielled
    danielled Legshand
    Busted. So you are a previously banned member it turns out. Mods on here can check ip's you know.
  15. jamat
    jamat Rabbi
    hi Rabbi

    Thanks for following me :)

    I see you are new here so welcome to the forum hope you get a lot out of it.

    So what type of dog doe own ?

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    2. Rabbi
      Thanks a lot for wishes, I have Siberian Husky
      May 9, 2017
    3. jamat
      nice love those dogs ....unfortunately my daughter chose our muppet I have a Cavachon (king charles / bichon cross) called Alfie....great little guy..well not so little for his breed actually he's quite big compared to others and my daughter adores him so what can you do :)
      May 9, 2017
  16. leashedForLife
    leashedForLife KittenKong
    just *had* to tell U i think the "Domino Defect" cartoon is -brilliant-, sums up so much in a clear, pointed graphic! -
    well-done to the artist, & thank U so much for sharing it. :-)
  17. FeelTheBern
    FeelTheBern CRL
    What's your profile picture? It's always puzzled me. It looks familiar somehow.
    1. CRL
      It's a picture of Harry potter and Luna lovegood with a threstral. Can't remember who it was drawn by but I liked it.
      May 7, 2017
  18. FeelTheBern
    FeelTheBern EllieRWDaisy
    Is that a Fabia VRS in your profile picture?
  19. leashedForLife
    Can't fathom why *I* was slapped with a ban; _Other Members_ made a war-zone of a neutral thread i'd posted. I didn't even see it B4 my ban.
  20. leashedForLife